After losing election, where does Chris Daggett go?

Chris Daggett conceded his election bid for Governor and blasted the corrosive nature of NJ politics. You could tell that he was disheartened that the voters of NJ didn’t have the courage to stand up to the corruption and scandal.

By electing Chris Christie, NJ voters chose vote for the option that promised to take the edge off the pain, instead of risking it all to opt for the procedure that could potentially alleviate the pain forever.

We all knew that no matter if Corzine or Christie was elected we were all screwed. But voters took the mentality that they would rather be screwed with a guy who is promising to cut taxes and be fiscally responsible, even though the reality is Christie will probably not be able to fulfill his campaign promises.

But where does this leave Chris Daggett? It was so easy for Christie backers to attack Daggett for not taking a vow to deny a position in the Corzine administration but now perhaps people can relate to the reality that Daggett is facing.

A good portion of his career was in Government positions working in one environmental agency or another. He put that all on the line and stuck his neck out to stand up for the people of NJ. Not out of his own selfishness or because he is corrupt and the very nature of power attracts those that are corrupt.

Daggett stuck his neck on the line to stick up for the people of NJ and this country to take a stand against the two party system that continues to wreak havoc on the financial and civil liberties of all the people of our great nation.

Tomorrow morning Chris Daggett will wake up as an unemployed man with a family and out of control property taxes to pay. Where will he turn? Will Christie offer him a job? If Corzine was elected would Corzine offer him a job?

If Corzine was elected and Daggett did vow not to take a job for Corzine, where does that leave Daggett. I am sure that the campaign has taken a toll on Chris Daggett and his family and he may reclude for some constructive down time while he figures out was his next move is. But while he does that, those that where so quick to attack him should consider, looking back in hindsight, was it fair to even ask Daggett not to accept a position in the Corzine administration in the first place?

Chris Christie did win. And as I have been trying to point out all along, it was Corzine that Daggett was hurting, not Christie. But instead we only heard the GOP spin that mainstream media was pushing us.  The media, which itself panders to the two party system, refused to report the facts and like sheep millions were scared into not voting for Chris Daggett.  And instead of questioning authority, many ignored the facts and instead many became echo chambers for the misinformation that is fed to us by the corrupt two party system.

It was apparent to me that Christie’s election was predetermined by the powers working behind the scenes. After all Christie is nothing more than an empty suit on the strings of Bush and Rove and we will see Rovian politics creep into the NJ political scene, as if the current culture of corruption where not enough.  Why was it so apparent? Well when even liberal media stations like MSNBC choose to report that Daggett is hurting Christie when polls show that Daggett is hurting Christie you get the hint that Corzine is being left hung out to dry on this one. Whether a news organization be liberal or conservative they are all masters of spin. But there was no attempt by the liberal media to spin the polls for Corzine. Instead liberal media was pretty much ignoring Corzine’s press releases and running with those coming out of the GOP. You knew even before the election Christie would win. The architect of the political matrix that is our political system chose it to be and so it was.

But where does Chris Daggett go from here? Voters sill have the power to change the government. Yes it is easy to manipulate the masses, but like young children we to learn from our mistakes. It took 8 years of manipulation and fear mongering by Bush and company for voters to say enough is enough.

But Voters are still very irate and independent.  And the distaste that Bush has left in our mouth is still there.  We turned to the democrats for relief, but less than a year later, NJ has given up on them two and once again resorted to one of the Bushwackers. It will not be long before the voter start regurgitating the poison that was shoved down their throats by those who engineered the election of Chris Christie.  For starters, Christie will start off his term as governor with half of the electorate not liking him. Then as the other half begins to realize that Christie changed his campaign promise, almost under the radar of the news headlines, and will not offer tax cuts until the recession is over the other half will begin to dwindle. The few supporters who are left will finally dissipate and rebuke him has acid drop of scandal that has followed Christie’s entire career begins to eat a whole through the patients of the voter.

In time that will leave us in a worse situation then we where in before the election, with voters more irate and angry then ever. The ongoing war on capitol hill will only get more heated and as the polarity of partisanship becomes more intense, so to will the intensity of the anger and independence of the voter.

Altough Chris Daggett lost the gubernatorial election his campaign was not a failure. Chris Daggett has started a fire that no one else could. For years and decades people have lived with the notion the politics as usual are just the way that things work, especially here in NJ, and that they will never be changed.

Then Chris Daggett came along and inspired a generation to believe. For those that he has lit the fire in we will not longer continue to accept that is just the way things are.There are those that still believe in the power of his message and the need to act upon it.

I had a conversation with a republican family member who told me that they secretly wanted the entire country to go bankrupt because starting over from scratch that was the only way we could stop the cancerous out of control spending and growth of the government. I found the comment disturbing but contemplated whether the opinion deserved any merit and ultimately questioned whether or not there was actually any other way.

I know the cancerous government spending can be curbed simply if the agenda of special interest and political parties could be taken out of the equation that is used to calculate our governmental budgets. If we could accomplish that we could probably be able to fund all of the liberal program that democrats want and cut spending and taxes like the republicans want. But I came to the conclusion that the chances the country going bankrupt was actually exponentially more likely to happen then the chance of actually taking special interests out of politics.

To remove the agenda of behind the scene forces our entire political system would need radical reform, some even say torches and pitchforks, but I personally feel that is way to extreme. But the forces behind the scenes have their hooks sunk so far into the carcasses of our politicians that to remove those hooks would mean the death of those politicians.

Then, I considered Chris Daggett. A truly independent candidate with no political parties or special interests to pull his strings. I couldn’t believe it, such a candidate that was not fighting for some cause of other altered agenda. A politician that was actually trying to shake up the system because he had become sickened by the way the worked the same way I have been. And then, I believed. And so did so many other people in this state.

But while Daggett tried to  play a straight game on a level playing field Corzine and Christie where playing with a stacked deck and extra cards up their sleeves. But we still believed the mantra that good would triumph over evil and chose not to choose the lesser of two evils but instead to find another path.

But when Daggett broke 20% in the polls the system got scared. Scared that they would lose their power so the think tanks went to work. Politics 1o1 – you can win an election by convincing the voters your opponent is going to raise taxes. And just to be sure they unleashed a flood of fear, uncertainty and doubt. All of that was combined with a system that is already leveraged against those outside the two party system. Daggett had little real chance of winning without the organization or the funds needed to combat the corrosive politics that has become common place in modern day America.

So where will Chris Daggett go from here? I am not sure but some ideas have been floated around. Perhaps the fear of being unemployeed and not being able to pay his bills will set in and he will seek a government position somewhere. After all if it wasn’t for Daggett, we might just as well have another governor in office, so that may entice Christie to offer him such a position as newspapers that have endorsed Christie have suggested.

But there are those of us who will try to keep the fire that he has lit burning. The independent movement has been born and I know there are many, including myself that would like to regroup with Daggett. We would like to help build up a base organization and continue fighting the good fight. the two party system is broken and shifting power back and forth between the parties wil never fix the system and can never result in an equilibrium of sorts, to calm the sea of deception.

Daggett did not lose the election because voters did not believe in him. That flame still burns strong. Daggett lost the election because he could not find the vaccine for Corzinephobia. That means that there is a bright political future ahead of Mr. Christopher Daggett and supporters like me will be more than happy to take up the call to arms.

As Jeff Tittel, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club said “If all the people who thought Chris Daggett was the best candidate but didn’t vote for him because they didn’t think he could win voted for him, he would have won.”

Chris Daggett said in his concession speech “We hoped that the power of ideas would trump the power of money in an election. “But sadly in New Jersey, I think that’s still not the case.” Someone should relay to Mr. Daggett that money or not there is nothing more powerful than the heart of a volunteer.

Daggett also said that “People were disgusted with the nature of the charges, the allegations, the negative campaigning.” And that is why there are many volunteers willing to stand up behind Mr. Daggett and support him in the future no matter what direction he may ultimately choose to go.

No matter where he does ultimately go, Daggett truly was a winner in this election. He shaped the face of the debate and he has offered hope and inspiration that the political system and our government can be fixed. I wish Mr. Daggett the best in his affairs and hope to be able to support him in fighting for real change again in the future.

Deja Vu Christie Copyright Infringement Again – Steals Monty Python

It wasn’t to long ago that we wrote about Chris Christie being accused of copyright infringement by the New York Times.

Well Deja Vu, literally, Chris Christie is at it once again and this time Chris Christie Rips Off Monty Python, in an ad spot titled… you guessed it Deja Vu.

The Huffington post reports the story and also goes into Christie’s ties to the mafia.

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Corruption Scandal Hits Congress. Another reason to vote Daggett

The corruption in the two party political system doesn’t end in NJ. An ongoing corruption scandal involving members of congress just keeps getting bigger.

The seven members — five Democrats and two Republicansreceived campaign donations from clients of the firm while sponsoring federal spending on projects that benefited the clients. In exchange they have given billions of dollars of pork or earmarks to the lobbyists who where paying them off.

With the election just a few days ago, another corruption scandal of this magnitude just gives us one more in a long list of reasons to vote for Chris Daggett. A vote for Jon Corzine or Chris Christie just condones the corrupt two party system to continue to keep ripping of taxpayers to make its cronies rich.

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Will Chris Daggett Run for President of the United States?

In an interview with the New York times, Independent Candidate Chris Daggett told NY times reporter David M. Halbfinger that come election day win or lose, thinking about using his campaign as a platform for “talking on a broader level outside of New Jersey about the independence movement.” What exactly does Chris Daggett mean by a “broader level” outside of NJ? Perhaps Chris Daggett will run for President of the United States. It is a possibility, voters this year are irate and independent and it looks like a trend that will not go away any time soon.

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Daggett Pledge – The Vote for Daggett Pledge Counter

There is now a new badge to help spread the word about the Daggett Pledge.

Here is the Badge. If you haven’t done so pledge your vote. The premise is simple, if enough people pledge their votes then you pledge to vote for Daggett.

If you haven’t done so, pledge your vote then help to get vote pledges:

HTML Code for the Daggett Pledge Counter:

Hunterdon County Democratic Endorses Chris Daggett

In a shocking endorsement the Hunterdon County Democratic rebuked the Corrupt two party system in NJ and endorsed Chris Daggett for Governor along with republicans and independents for other offices in NJ. The endorsement follows a long line of endorsements given to Chris Daggett from newspapers all around NJ.

Just one more reason you should pledge your vote for Christ Daggett.

In the Hunterdon County Democratic endorsement of Chris Daggett they say:

This time, both parties have failed and the voters’ best choice is the independent Chris Daggett. Unencumbered by party, he would have to pursue compromises and alliances that would break the partisan gridlock.

Most of the positive vision advanced in the campaign has been by Daggett. His ideas have set the agenda, especially on framing the hard choices to balance the state budget and all its repercussions – like tax increases, the future of property tax rebates, aid to schools and forcing reform on state workers’ benefits.

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Daggett Hurts Corzine and Helps Christie


Chris Daggett is not affiliated with this blog. Sarah Palin needs to get her facts straight, when she links to this blog to provide evidence that Chris Daggett is lying about her. I am an independent blogger that is fed up with the corruption and the politics as usual in New Jersey. If Sarah Palin is really is an advocate for the people, she should have done her research on the candidate she is endorsing. The same reason that she is endorsing Hoffman, ending politics as usual, is the same reasons she should not endorse Chris Christie.


Here’s Daggett’s quote from MSNBC where Palin says Daggett made the claim, courtesy of TPM. Where does he say what Palin claims he is saying?

And I have had Republicans come in from Rudy Giuliani to Sarah Palin to Christy Mihos, who’s running for governor in Massachusetts — people in the New Jersey Republican Party. And to be honest with you, they don’t understand. I’m not running as a disgruntled Republican. I’m running as a person who believes that neither party has been willing or able to step up to the issues that face the state and make the tough decisions.

Will the GOP propaganda that a vote for Chris Daggett is a vote for Corzine Backfire? Latest polls show that certainly may be the case.

In the latest round of polling, just days before election day, a clear pattern has emerged. Chris Christie only leads in poll when Daggett is included.

Pledge Your Vote For Daggett

So for those who want to vote for Daggett but afraid it is a wasted vote or a vote for Corzine, show your support for Chris Daggett and make the I’ll vote for Daggett Pledge.

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Take The I’ll Vote For Chris Daggett Pledge

There are a lot of voters that feel that a vote for Chris Daggett may be a wasted vote.

Well over at Tech President Micah L. Sifry suggested that since the election is so close and only 100,000 votes are needed to make Daggett’s poll numbers match Christie and Corzines, someone should put a pledge online for 100,000 people to sign. If 100,000 people sign the pledge then all the signers pledge to vote for Daggett.

100,000 votes is all that’s needed to put Chris Daggett in a position to win the election. You can help make it happen.

Take the I’ll vote for Chris Daggett pledge now

Well, it’s done. You can pledge that your vote will not be a wasted vote. Sign the pledge here and if 100,000 people sign it then you know that your vote is not a wasted vote.

If you want to help get Daggett elected check the I want to help checkbox. Then tell all of your friends and family about the pledge and let’s get a governor in office that can really change NJ.

Corzine Christie Campaigns Breaking NJ Robocall Law

Just passed onto us from twitter, NJ has outlawed robo calling, yet Jon Corzine and Chris Christie have both ignore this law among many others.

The automated campaign calls coming from the campaigns of both Jon Corzine and Chris Christie are illegal. Under the law automated recorded calls can only be delivered for emergency purposes. The only other time recorded calls are allowed is if a real person gets the consent of the person called to listen to recording.

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Chris Daggett Will Cut Income Taxes to 8.97%

Learn the truth about Chris Daggett’s Tax plan. Don’t believe the lies Christie is spreading. The Chris Daggett tax plan does not raise taxes. Chris Daggett Will Cut Income Taxes to 8.97% flat. That’s like a 21% pay raise for everyone.

While Chris Christie and Jon Corzine have no plan for income tax, Chris Daggett as a plan that means a 20% or more pay raise for everyone in NJ.

That’s Right Chris Daggett = 20% pay raise

The truth is the Chris Daggett tax plan lowers taxes and cuts spending:

  • The Chris Daggett tax plan cuts income tax to a 8.97% flat rate.
  • The Chris Daggett tax plan cuts corporate tax by 25%.
  • Chris Daggett’s plan cuts property tax by 25%
  • Under Chris Daggett’s plan the amount of taxes collected stays the same.
  • Daggett’s plan taxes services used by the rich, like Attorneys, Accountants and Architects.

The associated press hired 3 independent economists to review the tax plan of Chris Christie, John Corzine and Chris Daggett and economists agree economists agree the Daggett Tax plan is the best.

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