Corzine and Christie Duck Property Tax issue

Over at New Jersey Voices, Paul Mulshine was kind enough to point out both Christ Christie and John Corzine are ducking the issue most important to NJ voters this year, out of control property taxes. Its no wonder that BlueJersey points out that a majority of polls fail to include Daggett in their results.

NJ Voices Paul Mulshine

NJ Voices Paul Mulshine

Both candidates are ducking this issue which is the number one issue to voters according to polls. And this year, its not the economy as usual, but property taxes and corruption that’s on the mind of voters.

This is typical of both parties and is an unfortunate fact of reality that must be faced when you have an elitist two-party rule. The system gets broken and its no wonder the Green Party filed a lawsuit over unethical ballot access for third party candidates. You end up with greed, corrupt politicians, pay to play, out of control spending, an unmanageable budget, skyrocketing property taxes and one of the highest costs of living in the world.

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Chris Daggett Campaign 15 Ways To Help

The Chris Daggett Campaign announced a new page to provider volunteers with ways to help get involved int the campaign. The is a wide variety of ways to help from work at campaign headquarters to cyber volunteering. The announcement came alongside the Campaign’s announcement of a Virtual Town Hall planned for Monday, Aug 31 from 7:30 – 8pm with Chris.

The list is below and I will be working on ways to help organize volunteers, such as creating web forms for people to sign up for various tasks, schedule events, volunteer interviews and even parties. I’ll beginning working on these forms and probably create a new web site. Until then, only you have the power to change NJ and you can get started by picking an item from the list below.

Full List of of Ways to Help

Comprehensive list of volunteer jobs and duties:

Phone banking: Call supporters, or unaffiliated voters to let them know that Chris Daggett is running and discuss the major issues facing New Jersey.

Canvassing: This is either a door-to-door canvassing drive or a public space canvass in a highly trafficked area. The door-to-door campaign will be focused primarily on voter targeting, get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts, and issue conversations. The public space canvass will generally be people handing out brochures at local events, train stations, coffee houses, etc. in our targeted areas.

Host a party: These social get-togethers will either be introductions to the campaign or fundraisers. These meetings are designed to drive support on the ground. This is a great way to get people involved and to keep them informed.

Volunteer interviews: We are looking for volunteers to conduct video/text interviews with people around the state to discuss the major issues they are facing in their everyday lives.

Central campaign assistants: There are plenty of opportunities for volunteers within the following central campaign areas: Advance Team, Web Team, Policy Team, Writing/Communications Team, and Volunteer Coordination Team. These assignments will include researching, project management, writing, and communications. If you are interested, please feel free to email

Blogging: We have set up a new blogging site for people to post about why this campaign is important to them. You can send a blog to the campaign and we will post it for you at Also, we want to make sure there is a constant presence on the web so any comments you can post on other websites are greatly appreciated. Some common websites where we need comments are politickernj,,, and other NJ issue based websites.

Facebook/Myspace: We want to keep a strong presence on social networking sites, so we are asking volunteers to send out messages to all of their friends via Facebook about why they are supporting Chris Daggett. They have already started to form fan pages. We want to keep feeding this system. if you would like to become a fan, click here.

Database research: This allows us to keep an ever-growing database up to date with individuals from all walks of life throughout the state. To date it has been primarily contact info mining however, we hve some new opportunities with regards to voter targeting if you are interested.

GOTV: This will take place in the final weeks of the campaign. We will be trying to get all of our volunteers out in force to get people to go to the polls. This will be done in the old fashioned way of organizing transportation for individuals as well as more modern ways of blasting emails to friends and supporters.

Coordinate Campus Outreach: We are looking for highly motivated students to coordinate their universities. These people will be hosting information sessions, campaign get together, and general volunteer activities throughout their respective campuses.

Editorialists: Volunteers who have an interest in writing are encouraged to write letters to the editor and opinion columns for not only the big dailies (i.e. Star Ledger, Courier, Times, Asbury Park Press, Philadelphia Inquirer) but also for the local weeklies (the recorder group of newspapers).

Main Office Staffing: We will need volunteers who can staff the office. These people will work at reception, do mailings, research, any other jobs that need to be done out of the central campaign. This is a great opportunity to gain some campaign experience and to see the inner workings of the most successful independent campaign in state history.

Chris Daggett Campaign Announces Virtual Town Hall

Today the Chris Daggett Campaign announced a virtual town hall meeting to take place on Monday, Aug 31 from 7:30 – 8pm.

Volunteer for Chris Daggett

Volunteer for Chris Daggett - 15 ways to volunteer

Dear Friend:

I want to start off by thanking you again for all your efforts working on Chris Daggett’s campaign. It is the aid and dedication of all our volunteers that has helped us get to where we are today, and we greatly appreciate your involvement.

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Bloggers talk about Daggett’s Impact

Christopher Daggett NJ Independent Candidate for Govenor
Every day the name Chris Daggett begins to show up on more and more blogs. Every day more and more blogs posts are dedicated entirely to the Daggett Campaign for Governor.  And with all off this attention that Chris Daggett has been getting lately it may come as a bit of a surprise that Daggett’s 10% share of the poll has came virtually entirely through viral and grassroots efforts.

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Saying No To “Lesser of Two Evils Politics”

NJ’s broken two party system plagues our state with back door scandals and corruption so bad that it wouldn’t even be believable if it was a script from a Hollywood blockbuster. But it seems that the broken two-party system has its evil grips on just about every large mainstream organization there is, or should I say in their pockets.

Well today came a major news announcement from a large mainstream organization, the Seirra Club,which boasts of almost 1.5 million members. The headlines read The Sierra Club Endorses Independent Chris Daggett.

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Daggett Bashes Christe and Corzine for Illegal Campaign Finance

Daggett bashes special interest donations

According to Bloomberg news,  almost all New Jersey voters say corruption is a serious problem in the state, and more people associate Democrats with political bribery than they do Republicans, a Quinnipiac University poll released today found.

But on the heals of this news is an announcement by Chris Daggett, independent candidate for Governor, on Wednesday that criticized politicians in both parties for continuing to benefit from enormous donations from special interest groups even as they tout plans to crack down on political corruption. Chris Dagget bashed both John Corzine and Christ Christie and revealed that the Republican Governors Association has funneled nearly $3 million dollars illegally into Chris Christie’s campaign while the Democratic party is guilty of the same funneling $2 million dollars into the Corzine campaign.

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