Daggett Hurts Corzine and Helps Christie


Chris Daggett is not affiliated with this blog. Sarah Palin needs to get her facts straight, when she links to this blog to provide evidence that Chris Daggett is lying about her. I am an independent blogger that is fed up with the corruption and the politics as usual in New Jersey. If Sarah Palin is really is an advocate for the people, she should have done her research on the candidate she is endorsing. The same reason that she is endorsing Hoffman, ending politics as usual, is the same reasons she should not endorse Chris Christie.


Here’s Daggett’s quote from MSNBC where Palin says Daggett made the claim, courtesy of TPM. Where does he say what Palin claims he is saying?

And I have had Republicans come in from Rudy Giuliani to Sarah Palin to Christy Mihos, who’s running for governor in Massachusetts — people in the New Jersey Republican Party. And to be honest with you, they don’t understand. I’m not running as a disgruntled Republican. I’m running as a person who believes that neither party has been willing or able to step up to the issues that face the state and make the tough decisions.

Will the GOP propaganda that a vote for Chris Daggett is a vote for Corzine Backfire? Latest polls show that certainly may be the case.

In the latest round of polling, just days before election day, a clear pattern has emerged. Chris Christie only leads in poll when Daggett is included.

Pledge Your Vote For Daggett

So for those who want to vote for Daggett but afraid it is a wasted vote or a vote for Corzine, show your support for Chris Daggett and make the I’ll vote for Daggett Pledge.

Daggett Helps Chris Christie and hurts Jon Corzine

When Daggett is removed from the equation Corzine leads Christie by anywhere from 5% to 9%.

The Latest FDU poll shows that with Chris Daggett is helping Chris Christie. When Daggett is included in the poll Christie has a two point lead over Jon Corzine.

When Daggett’s name is not mentioned in the FDU poll Corzine is holding a lead among likely voters by a statistically insignificant thread of 44% to 43%. Another 6% volunteer they will vote for independent Chris Daggett and 4% are undecided.

When Daggett’s name is read in an interview along with Jon Corzine’s and Chris Christie’s names, he gets 14% of the vote, drawing slightly more Democrats than Republicans, while Christie edges Corzine in a statistical tie, 41%-39%.

But when the name of another independent candidate is read—the obscure Gary Steele—Steele gets 3% of the vote, draws off slightly more Republicans than Democrats, and Corzine beats Christie 46%-41%.

However, When Daggett is removed from the poll and his name is replaced with a no name Candidate like Gary Steele John Corzine leads Chris Christie by 6%.

The latest Rasmussen poll says currently, Daggett draws support from eight percent (8%) of Democrats and four percent (4%) of Republicans.

Despite Daggett helping Christie to win GOP Urges Daggett to Drop Out

Meanwhile, GOP heavy weights are still pressuring Daggett to drop from the race in an move that is obviously detrimental to their candidate.

First Christy Mihos had called him to urge him to quit the race.

Then Sarah Palin pressures Chris Daggett to drop out on FaceBook in a post that didn’t give support for Chris Christie but instead reiterated what all NJ residents know, Corzine needs to go.

Then Newt Gingrich releases the a column titled Newt Gingrich: Wall Street + Daggett = Corzine re-elected

The latest is ex New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani calling on Daggett to drop from the race.

Where were these endorsements over the last couple of months from Palin, Guiliani and Gingrich? They were reluctant to put their necks on the line and endorse Christie. But now with only days from the election because they are worried about the future of the Republican party. Because at the end of the day, if a Republican can’t defeat someone as widely unpopular as Jon Corzine, it says something about the viability of the republican party.

Regardless of the republican party viability, both parties have this country locked into a monopolistic and corrupt two-party system. That’s why it is so import to show your support for Chris Daggett and send a message to Trenton and Washington.

What Daggett Supporters Knew All Along

The latest polls also confirm that for every voter Daggett is taking from Chris Christie he takes two votes from Jon Corzine.

The final numbers on registered voters eligible to cast ballots in Tuesday’s election show 1,766,669 New Jersey voters are  Democrats and 1,061,899 are Republicans. Another 2,393,679 are unaffiliated independent voters. and 2,633 are registered under other parties.

Daggett supporters know all along that most people in New Jersey want Corzine out of office. There is a huge vacuum to fill among disaffected democrats who can not bring them self to vote for Corzine. The GOP had a huge opportunity to fill that vacuum but the candidate they offered Chris Christie is not a viable option for those voters. Even within the republican party their is infighting as a huge number of Lonegan supporters will not support Chris Christie either.

Come election day, there is a strong possibility that voters will rebuke the two party system as the polls are not reflecting the sentiment that most NJ residents are feeling.

8 Responses

  1. Which is it? Make up your mind!
    Just kidding. This race has turned into a farce. Christie should be in jail.

  2. And now Michael Steel is coming out that they will drop their support after this election… you wonder why? because Christie is a bad candidate!!! plain and simple. he had this election in his hands and he’s lost it. Polling in the 50’s over the summer and lost it because his opponent had a plan, that is feasible.

  3. Who the hell is typing out this stuff that I just tried to read?

    “Despite Daggett helping Christie to win GOP Urges Daggett to out”

    Get some people over there that can read and write the English Language.

  4. Christie: Wrong when it matters most.

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by KevinGass: 2.4 million out of million voters in NJ are INDPT. http://bit.ly/PgSDR

  6. […] does not cite any quote or evidence to support the claim. As best I can tell, the Dagget people are referring to a Facebook post by Palin from the other day. But her post didn’t even mention Daggett. Here is the relevant portion: […]

  7. Garden State Patriot… This blog is not affiliated with Daggett. This is a blog ran by an independent supporter of Chris Daggett. Palin should not be pointing to this blog as evidence that Daggett said anything.

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