Will Chris Daggett Run for President of the United States?

In an interview with the New York times, Independent Candidate Chris Daggett told NY times reporter David M. Halbfinger that come election day win or lose, thinking about using his campaign as a platform for “talking on a broader level outside of New Jersey about the independence movement.” What exactly does Chris Daggett mean by a “broader level” outside of NJ? Perhaps Chris Daggett will run for President of the United States. It is a possibility, voters this year are irate and independent and it looks like a trend that will not go away any time soon.

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PolitickerNJ A vote for Daggett is a Vote For Daggett

Over on PolitickerNJ, Richard J Larossa is setting the record straight on the recent scare tactics being used in an attempt to scared voters from voting for the Independent Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett.

Well in a resounding an endorsement for Chris Daggett, Richard tells readers, a Vote for Daggett is a Vote For Daggett

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Vineland Daily Journal Flips Endorsement and Endorses Daggett

After releasing an endorsement for Corzine on Friday, the Vineland Daily Journal flips its endorsement and endorses Independent Candidate For Governor Chris Daggett.

The headline ‘Business as usual’ is just unacceptable.

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PolitickerNJ.com Poll: Who will win the election

PolickerNJ.com is the number one source of election news in NJ. If you don’t have an account on PolitickerNJ.com create one and let the voice of Daggett supporters be heard.

The sign in and cast your vote for you think will who do you think will win NJ Governor Election.

APP poll who do you think will win NJ Governor Election

Cast your vote for you think will who do you think will win NJ Governor Election

Sleazy GOP Lies from 101.5 FM – Daggett doesn’t like black people

It is just beyond my comprehension what the GOP doesn’t get about the fact that the sleazy campaigns based on negative attacks and misinformation is not going to win elections. Its the issues stupid! Haven’t they learned that from the McCain and Palin campaign?

Someone should send them that memo, because NJ’s most listened to Radio Station NJ  101.5 FM has become a mouthpiece for the GOP lately spitting out every piece of misinformation about Chris Daggett that they can dream up. It’s particularly shocking because over the last 4 or more years the station has gained a lot of respect among voters for its constant coverage and pressure on corrupt politicians in Trenton gaining a reputation as a true advocate for the citizens of NJ.

But today, the Republican Party and 101.5 FM has sunk to an all time low making up a lie live on air that Independent Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett doesn’t like black people. This has to be one of most sleazy kind of lie and character attack to falsely claim that Chris Daggett is a racist.

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Disorderly Conduct: Conversation About Gates Arrest Precedes Arrest

Give me a break. How is someone supposed to enforce the law if they don’t know the law. Juris doctorate degrees aren’t necessary and this has nothing to do with being an “expert” in the law.

The bottom line is there are a broad array of disorderly conduct charges that are used to violate constitutional rights, including the 1st (freedom of speech, right to assemble peacefully), 4th (Protection from unreasonable search and seizure) and 5th (be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law) amendments among other constitutional rights.

The issue here isn’t legal complexities.

The issue is certain police officers on power trips violating people’s constitutional rights. There needs be be a line drawn in the sand saying an officer can by all means charge someone who is guilty of a criminal offense but not offending the officer’s ego.
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