NJ Election 2009

The NJ Election is a blog about news and events about the NJ Election.  This November we will be voting for Governor of NJ and this election is one of the most important that elections in the history of our state. Follow us on Twitter to get get instant notifications to our blog posts.

The current financial crisis, statewide corruption, and the high cost of living has degraded the standard of living in NJ to almost unspeakable terms. With unemployment over 10% and business fleeing our state to avoid the high taxes our state is heading on the wrong path.

This year we have John Corzine (Democrat), Chris Christie (Republican) and Chris Daggett (Independent) running for governor.

John Corzine’s record speaks for itself. Under his watch our state has continued to decay as unemployment skyrockets and corruption has entrenched itself in the local, county and state government.

Christ Christie is running on the platform of ethics, as a crusader against corruption, yet he is just as corrupt as the rest of the officials arrested in the recent federal corruption bust that recently made national headlines. Christie gave a prosecutor a multi-million dollar federal contract in exchange for dropping charges against his brother, an AIG stock specialist, who committed massive stock fraud as well as several other corrupt kickbacks. Christie even has a $50 million federal tort filed against him for using his federal attorney general as a collection agency for his family and to extort people.

With both the Red and the Blue candidate just entirely off the map in the category of fitness for Governor, this year NJ Voter’s are considering independent candidate Chris Daggett. Chris is in touch with the level of frustration that voters are feeling and has a message that clearly resonates with voter’s: “The two-party political system is broken”. Only an independent that is not serving the best interests of their political party has the power to break the grip that corruption has on this state.

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