Hunterdon County Democratic Endorses Chris Daggett

In a shocking endorsement the Hunterdon County Democratic rebuked the Corrupt two party system in NJ and endorsed Chris Daggett for Governor along with republicans and independents for other offices in NJ. The endorsement follows a long line of endorsements given to Chris Daggett from newspapers all around NJ.

Just one more reason you should pledge your vote for Christ Daggett.

In the Hunterdon County Democratic endorsement of Chris Daggett they say:

This time, both parties have failed and the voters’ best choice is the independent Chris Daggett. Unencumbered by party, he would have to pursue compromises and alliances that would break the partisan gridlock.

Most of the positive vision advanced in the campaign has been by Daggett. His ideas have set the agenda, especially on framing the hard choices to balance the state budget and all its repercussions – like tax increases, the future of property tax rebates, aid to schools and forcing reform on state workers’ benefits.

Hunterdon County Democratic Endorses Chris Daggett

On Jon Corzine they say

Jon Corzine both managed well and muddled through the worst economic crisis in decades. Nevertheless, we fault him and his Democratic Party for years of ever-increasing debt and one-shot budget gimmicks.

We’ve seen the governor give thoughtful, line-in-the-sand speeches in February, then spend the rest of the year backtracking and hedging. The best that seems to come is that we limp through another year, never solving problems but never totally going under either.

On Chris Christie they say

Chris Christie should be thanked for his work in pursuing corrupt politicians (apparently it was like shooting fish in a barrel), but cracking down on lawbreakers is far different from juggling the nuances, personalities and pressures of running state government.

Christie hasn’t assured us of his ability to run the $32 billion state machinery. He has been lacking in describing where he’d draw back the reins, especially to close a yawning deficit that apparently faces us in 2010.

The Chris Daggett endorsement by the Hunterdon County Democratic goes onto endorse Holt and Sworen two republicans for Freeholder and a long list of republicans for various other offices.

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