NJ Governor Candidates Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper Endosement UPDATE: To see new NJ Governor newspapers endorsements go to the bottom of this post.

NJ newspapers endorsements by candidate Jon Corzine 1, Chris Christie 2 and Chris Daggett 16.

Pledge Your Vote For Chris Daggett

All of these endorsements are just another reason to pledge your vote for Chris Daggett. The premise is simple, if enough people make the pledge then you pledge you’ll vote for Daggett. Let’s just call it insurance that if you vote for Daggett its not a wasted vote.

It may be hard to ignore the negative advertisements, especially the ones with lies and distortions of the truth. But when you have 16 NJ newspapers endorsing Daggett, compared to one for Corzine and two for Christie, that should tell voters something.

Below is a complete List of newspaper endorsements for candidates in the NJ Governor Race.

Newspaper Endorsements for Candidates in NJ Governor Race

Jon Corzine Newspaper Endorsements

  1. The Record
  2. NY Times (New York)

Chris Christie Newspaper Endorsements

  1. Home News Tribune
  2. Courier News
  3. Philadelphia Inquirer (PA)

Chris Daggett Newspaper Endorsements

  1. The Star Ledger
  2. The Bernardsville News
  3. Cedar Grove Observer Grove
  4. Verona Observers
  5. Chatham Courier
  6. The Citizen
  7. Echoes-Sentinel
  8. Florham Park Eagle
  9. Hanover Eagle
  10. Hunterdon Review
  11. Madison Eagle
  12. Morris NewsBee
  13. Mt. Olive Chronicle
  14. Observer-Tribune
  15. The Progress
  16. The Randolph Reporter

Also the papers endorsing Dagget, except the Star-Ledger, endorsed Christie in the Republican Primary but rescinded the endorsement in favor of Chris Daggett.

And for those who will say that papers 2-16 are owned by the same company, well if you use that logic then the following newspapers are all Gannett Papers, so let’s just merge all the Christie endorsement’s into a single endorsement. Some even call the Gannett Papers the “Fox News” of New Jersey, so you know they are going GOP anyway.

Asbury Park Press
Courier News, Somerville
Courier-Post, Cherry Hill
Home News Tribune, East Brunswick
Daily Record, Parsippany
The Daily Journal, Vineland

Where Newspapers Strong Armed To Endorse a Major Party Candidate?

As you see from the list above,  Daggett got the majority of the newspaper endorsements. But what about the others? Why with the current state of NJ did a few newspapers  choose do endorse Christie and Especially Corzine and give such high marks for Daggett.?

There are some recurring theme in all of these endorsements for the two Major Candidates

  1. “Our candidate sucks, but he is better than the other guy”
  2. “We have no faith our candidate can do what he says he can, but we’ll be better off than with what we get from the other”
  3. They praise Chris Daggett and after reading the endorsements you walk away the feeling that they really wanted to endorse Chris Daggett but some behind the scenes forces wouldn’t allow it to be.

Press of Atlantic City Endorsement for Chris Christie

Independent candidate Chris Daggett’s campaign for governor has sparkled with candor, sense and substance. He’s offered thoughtful solutions, has impressive experience running government agencies and doesn’t appear beholden to special interests.

But the odds against Daggett are almost impossibly long – made even longer by his nearly invisible spot on the ballot. He has a specific and sensible plan for property-tax relief that involves extending the sales tax to certain services. But the question is how effective this engaging policy specialist would be in getting this and other tough proposals through an obstinate and bare-knuckled Legislature. Moreover, Daggett, alone among the three, would keep the door open to expanded gambling in the state.

Still, Daggett has shined in this campaign – and Christie would be smart, if elected, to find a place in his Cabinet for someone with so much to contribute.

Courier-Post Endorsement for Chris Christie

“In independent Chris Daggett, New Jerseyans have a tempered, well-prepared candidate who would take office with a clear blueprint in hand for reducing property taxes and a distance from the nasty partisanship in Trenton that just might allow him to build coalitions across party lines and get things done.

Both are quality candidates (Daggett and Christie) who are capable of serving and would bring the kind of shake-up we so desperately need in Trenton.

For Supporting Christie over Daggett they cite:

Christie also supports requiring the Legislature to have a two-thirds majority vote to pass any tax or fee increase — he rightly says it will force bipartisanship in the Legislature. And he supports having a constitutional convention to let citizens tackle the property tax issue and change things if he can’t get the Legislature to radically change things within two years of taking office. Daggett does not fully support those two ideas.

But that makes little sense. Requiring a two-thirds majority is not something the governor can implement. That needs to come from the legislature.

And Daggett he would consider a Constitutional Convention, but only if it came to that. And again, that is something that is not likely to happen.

They further justify not endorsing Daggett because:

Daggett could certainly do a good job as governor — and his plan to reduce property taxes while expanding the sales tax is doable, if not palatable to all New Jerseyans. But Christie could do an equally good job and is more committed to cutting the size of government than Daggett. And, he also has the better chance of actually being elected, which is important.

Whether or not Christie is more committed to cutting the size of Government or not, he doesn’t have a plan to accomplish that and Daggett does.

Trenton Times Endorsement of Jon Corzine

“The other principal candidate, independent Chris Daggett, has added an intelligent and refreshing dimension to the race. A former Republican state and federal environmental protection administrator, he has a proven ability to promote consensus among differing interests. He addresses tough issues without doubletalk. The centerpiece of his campaign has been a program to reduce property and business taxes and establish a permanent fund for acquiring open space by extending the sales tax to professional services and condo and vacation-house rentals. Whether his arithmetic works is unclear — no independent expert has stepped up to validate it — but he’s absolutely right that the only way to cut property taxes is by shifting the revenue burden to a broader base. Mr. Daggett, deservedly, has attracted interest and, for an independent candidate, significant support.”

But if you have been following my blog, you know this newspaper didn’t do its homework on Daggett’s plan because the Associated Press had 3 independent economists review each candidates plan and independent economists agree the Daggett tax plan is best

Of Corzine’s plan they said by raising sales tax, income tax and reducing property tax rebates Corzine has created a climate that has caused many businesses to leave the state.

On Christie’s plan those economists said it is unrealistic, would create a huge budget deficit and would create a second sales tax.

So here’s a tally of ALL NJ Governor Newspaper Endorsements so far, because this site seems content in not publishing all of Daggett’s endorsements

Asbury Park Press Endorsement of Christie

Christie has run a disappointing campaign. He has made himself vulnerable on a number of ethics-related issues. He has provided no specific plan for property tax relief. He says he will balance the budget with a projected $8 billion to $10 billion deficit next year while reducing income taxes, corporate taxes and estate taxes. We’re highly skeptical of his ability to do so.

Christie has run a poor campaign. He has failed to tap into the deep dissatisfaction with New Jersey’s sky-high property taxes by offering a coherent plan to address the problem. Voters are disenchanted with Corzine and Christie. But that shouldn’t obscure the sharp philosophical differences between the two. Daggett says Democrats and Republicans alike are responsible for the state’s troubles. There is some truth to that. But for the past eight years, the blame rests squarely with the Democrats.

Instead of telling us why we should vote for Christie, the majority of the endorsement focuses on why we shouldn’t vote for Corzine or Christie. Well if you live in NJ then you already new that, we don’t need newspaper to tell us that.

It may be hard to ignore the negative advertisements. Especially those that lie or distort the truth, like claiming that Daggett’s tax plan would increase taxes. But when you have 16 newspapers endorsing Daggett, and neither Jon Corzine or Christ Christie getting more than 2 NJ endorsements that should tell voters something.

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  1. […] still wins the newspaper endorsement count, with NJ newspapers Daggett 16, Christie 3 and Corzine […]

  2. Great Article! Just on thing… the Daily Journal stepped up, stood up and endorsed Chris Daggett, not Christie


    Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  3. […] While Chris Christie has said over and over again that he will cut spending, we are all to familiar with the lies that politicians tell us to get their vote. In fact, Christie has no plan to cut spending which is why Chris Daggett won more newspaper endorsements than Christie and Corzine combined. […]

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  5. […] In a shocking endorsement the Hunterdon County Democratic Party rebuked the Corrupt two party system in NJ and endorsed Chris Daggett for Governor along with republicans and independents for other offices in NJ. The endorsement follows a long line of endorsements given to Chris Daggett from newspapers all around NJ. […]

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