Daggett’s Choice of Espisito Gets National Attention

Earlier today Chris Daggett Choose Frank Esposito as his running mate for the 2009 NJ Gubernatorial Election. The 2:00pm announcement in Trenton today picked up regional and then Nation Media attention.

The announcement picked up the #1 result from Google for the search term Gubernatorial Race and was followed by a an Associate Press release which made its way around the blog-o-sphere.

Daggett's announcment of Lt Gov Nominee ranks #1 in Google.

Daggett's announcement of Lt Gov Nominee ranks #1 in Google.

The real news here is the healthy debate that the announcement has sparked.  Some sites started off with the the typical “not another independent wasting our time and money” argument. But the voter’s of NJ soon began to let their anger known with a majority of commenters expressing opinions that they are elated by the new that there is a real alternative to Christie and Corzine, who many view as the same old “lesser of two evils”. Continue reading

Independent Chris Daggett Chooses Chooses Kean’s Esposito For NJ LT Gov P

Chris Daggett Chooses Kean Dean Esposito As NJ LT Gov running mate

At 1:20pm Chris Daggett sent his newsletter subscribers an email indicating his choice of running mate for Lieutenant Governor for the 2009 Governor’s Race in NJ.

Dear Supporter,

We want to let you be the first to know that we have selected Dr. Frank J. Esposito to become, with your support, the first elected Lt. Governor of New Jersey.

Chris Daggett and Dr. Frank J. Esposito

Chris Daggett and Dr. Frank J. Esposito

Frank has been in the forefront of the movement to reform our education system, which too often has failed New Jersey’s children. His extensive background in higher education will help us revitalize our colleges and universities, which is one of the key ways that New Jersey is going to fix its long-term economic problems.

He has a long and distinguished record of making the independent decision we have needed for so long throughout this state. I encourage you to read his acceptance speech that will be posted very shortly on DaggettForGovernor.com.

Please join us in welcoming our first Lieutenant Governor to this effort to change the way politics are run in NJ.

Chris Daggett

Chris Daggett made his announcement know today at the state house in Trenton at 2:00pm today. The news has been given mainstream media attention and has sparked discussion on several web sites including stealing the #1 Google Result for the search term Gubernatorial Race.

Some sites that picked up coverage include nj.com, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly.com, and the New Jersey News Room.

Independant Gubernatorial Candidate Chooses Running Mate

From the Star Ledger

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Claire Heininger

Independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett yesterday tapped a veteran educator as his running mate, and seized on last week’s political corruption arrests to call for a change from major party leadership.

Daggett named Frank J. Esposito, a professor and former administrator at Kean University in Union, as his lieutenant governor nominee.

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