Daggett Wins Big on Ethics while Corzine and Christie Self Destruct

Over at CQ Politics on Replaying the Ethics Card in New Jersey Emily Cadei, CQ-Roll Call point out that Chris Daggett is winning big on the ethics scorecard

The renewed focus on good government stems from a series of revelations raising questions about the propriety of the political operations of both major party nominees for governor: Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie.

The report goes onto state that Chris Daggett’s recent surge in the polls is due to a steady stream of corruption and ethics scandals hitting news and also pointed out that Daggett stung both Corzine and Christie on engaging in a form of corruption known as pay to play.

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Daggett Breaks 20% in latest poll; Will Have Major Impact On Race

The latest poll has Chris Daggett at 20%, breaking a threshold that many consider to be a game changer in the NJ Governor election.

For Independent Candidate Chris Daggett the poll represents the breaking of a huge psychological barrier that may draw a mass amount of voters into the Daggett column come Election Day. Many voters have been have held reservations about voting for Daggett due the latest PR media onslaught by the GOP that a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote.

Chris Daggett breaking 20% in the poll may just pull out the card the makes the entire house of cards come crashing down in the New Jersey Governor’s Race. Republican Challenger Chris Christie has all but self destructed and his polls numbers have been going straight down from a high of 51% in the middle of August to an all time low of 36% in the latest poll.

The poll could help Daggett pull enough New Jersey voters win an upset election. There are two main groups of voters that could jump ship from the politics as usual two party vote. They are the disenchanted Democrats who would rather not vote for Corzine, but feel that Christie is to corrupt to put into office. And there are the GOP supporters who want Corzine out of office more than anything else.

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