NJ Governor Candidates Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper Endosement UPDATE: To see new NJ Governor newspapers endorsements go to the bottom of this post.

NJ newspapers endorsements by candidate Jon Corzine 1, Chris Christie 2 and Chris Daggett 16.

Pledge Your Vote For Chris Daggett

All of these endorsements are just another reason to pledge your vote for Chris Daggett. The premise is simple, if enough people make the pledge then you pledge you’ll vote for Daggett. Let’s just call it insurance that if you vote for Daggett its not a wasted vote.

It may be hard to ignore the negative advertisements, especially the ones with lies and distortions of the truth. But when you have 16 NJ newspapers endorsing Daggett, compared to one for Corzine and two for Christie, that should tell voters something.

Below is a complete List of newspaper endorsements for candidates in the NJ Governor Race.

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Daggett Wins Big on Ethics while Corzine and Christie Self Destruct

Over at CQ Politics on Replaying the Ethics Card in New Jersey Emily Cadei, CQ-Roll Call point out that Chris Daggett is winning big on the ethics scorecard

The renewed focus on good government stems from a series of revelations raising questions about the propriety of the political operations of both major party nominees for governor: Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie.

The report goes onto state that Chris Daggett’s recent surge in the polls is due to a steady stream of corruption and ethics scandals hitting news and also pointed out that Daggett stung both Corzine and Christie on engaging in a form of corruption known as pay to play.

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NY Times Endorses Corzine Half Heartedly; Praises Chris Daggett

The New York Times endorses Corzine in a half hearted and reluctant op-ed. Instead of touting and pushing Jon Corzine the NY Times instead decided to once again to praising Chris Daggett.

By reading the the NY Times editorial you get the impression that deep down inside the paper really wanted to endorse Chris Daggett. In the NY Times endorsement of Jon Corzine the NY times called Daggett An engaging independent candidate, and stated a major reason for not endorsing Christopher Daggett was because the New Jersey’s infamous political bosses have made sure that only the most intrepid voters will find him on the ballot.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Considers Chris Daggett Endorsement

Mayor Bloomberg Considers Chris Daggett endorsement

Rumors are fly all around the internet of a possible endorsement of Independent Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after Politico first broke the story.

Asked if Bloomberg could back Daggett, a mayor’s adviser said: “Nothing ruled in or out.”

Can Chris Daggett Actually Win New Jersey?

Short and simple Chris Daggett Can Win New Jersey and Here’s Why:

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NY Times Praises Daggett

New York Times praising independent Gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett in a new article titled, “Independent Candidate Stirs Up the Governor’s Race in New Jersey”.

The NY Times praising Chris Daggett comes on the heals of the Star Ledger endorsement of Chris Daggett and there appears to be a trend emerging from main stream media. Daggett is the best candidate. Not Chris Christie, not John Corzine.

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NJ 2nd Gubernatorial Debate Rally for Chris Daggett October 16, 2009

Get Directions to the second gubernatorial debate at William Paterson University

Get Directions to the second gubernatorial debate at William Paterson University

Please join The Daggett Campaign for a pre-debate rally at the 2nd Gubernatorial Debate being held
Friday, October 16, 2009 at William Paterson University at 300 Pompton Rd, Wayne, NJ.

The debate comes on the tail of the news that the star ledger has opted to withdraw from the debate so it could officially endorse Chris Daggett.

For Directions click the map to the left

The second gubernatorial debate includes Daggett, Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine and GOP challenger Chris Christie. As Christie and Corzine are in a rut on the property Tax issue, Chris Daggett has been shaking up the debate as voters begin to listen to the independent candidate

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Bloggers on impact of Star Ledger Endorsement of Daggett

The announcement that the Star Ledger is endorsing Chris Daggett is sending shockwaves around the political world as mainstream organizations such as the Seirra Club and The Star- Ledger join the growing consensus that we need toreject the two party political system.

The endorsement comes on the tail of a unanimous majority of main stream media outlets agreeing Daggett won the NJ Governor Election Debate on October 1st. The endorsement is huge as New Jersey’s largest newspaper sends a loud clear message to voter’s, A vote for Daggett is not a wasted vote.

The story quickly spread around the internet and many bloggers weighed in on the impact of the Star Ledger Endorsement of Chris Daggett. If you blog, have a Myspace or Facebook or even an email with contacts, learn how help by spread the word about Chris Dagget.

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