NJ Newspapers Rescind Christie Endorsement and Endorse Daggett

Chris Daggett announced that the Recorder Newspapers have published a strong endorsement of Chris Daggett for Governor.

The newspapers had previously endorsed Christie during the republican primary.  They rescinded their endorsement in part because Christie has failed to offer much greater detail on how he would deal with the state’s fiscal issues.

The also echoed the Star Ledger Endorsement of Chris Daggett calling NJ a “corrupt crew” of a “pirate ship” and saying that it would take an independent like Chris Daggett who does not have to bow to special interests and interests of a political party to fix the mess.

The Recorder Newspapers included  the following newspapers around the state including:  The Bernardsville News, Cedar Grove/Verona Observers, Chatham Courier, The Citizen, Echoes-Sentinel, Florham Park Eagle, Hanover Eagle, Hunterdon Review, Madison Eagle, Morris NewsBee, Mt. Olive Chronicle, Observer-Tribune, The Progress, and The Randolph Reporter.

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Daggett Demands Investigation of BILLIONS Missing From NJ School Construction Fund

In the 3rd Gubernatorial Debate Chris Daggett Nailed Christie and Corzine for Corruption

Daggett went on to call for an investigation into over $6 Billion dollars that is missing from the NJ Schools Construction Fund. Governor Corzine responded that he has already put all the proper controls and regulations in place, but that doesn’t answer the question of where billions of dollars went.

Christie replied that if he is elected governor he would open an investigation. But my question to Christie was the US Attorney General while all of this was happening and Corzine was Governor. Why wait until becoming governor to launch an investigation into billions of dollars missing? And Governor Corzine why haven’t you launched an investigation?

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Chris Daggett Nails Christie and Corzine for Corruption in 3rd Debate

You really have to hand it to Chris Daggett. Not only did he stand toe to toe with Jon Corzine and Chris Christie he really nailed it to them in the 3rd NJ  Gubernatorial Debate. Once again, for the third time in a row, I give this as a notch for Daggett.

Chris Daggett handed it to both Christie and Corzine for corruption saying to fight corruption you need to lead by example.

Daggett then cited specific corrupt activities that Christie and Corzine had engaged in, including illegal campaign finance and pay to play, and neither Corzine or Christie could defend themselves.

Instead, Corzine acknowledges that activity is going on and agrees with Daggett that it needs to stop.

Daggett also called for an investigation into $6 Billion missing from the NJ Schools Construction Fund to which Corzine replied he has already put in all of the controls and regulations he could. Christie replied that as governor of NJ he would launch the investigation.

My question to Chris Christie is why didn’t you launch an investigation while you where the US Attorney General for 7 years?

For full coverage of the 3rd NJ Gubernatorial debate click here

Chris Daggett Wins 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate

Chris Daggett wins the 3rd governor debate making it a clean sweep for all three gubernatorial debates in the 2009 NJ Election for Governor.

Corzine said he wont’ cut taxes and stated his plan is more of the same, literally. He said  does have a plan, the one he already has in place. Perhaps someone should let him in on the secret that NJ voters are not happy with his current plan.

Christie continued to offer no details about his budget plan. Christie spent most of his time bickering.  Corzine and Christie went back and forth at each other with more negative attacks on each others character. Christie took a good shot a Corzine’s plan of more of the same, saying someone should inform Corzine that voters are dissatisfied with his current plan

Mean while Daggett continued to tout his plans pointing out that both the Democratic and Republican Parties have made a mess out of the state and he is the only candidate with a plan to get the state out of the mess.

Daggett also hung both Corzine and Christie and Christie out to dry when asked about how to fight corruption. He said to Corzine and Christie the best way to fight corruption is lead ead by example and pointed out that both Christie and Corzine are engaging in illegal campaign financing and pay to play. It was so bad that neither Christie or Corzine could defend their actions. Instead Corzine acknowledged that he and Christie where engaging and such actions and said they need to stop.

Daggett then went on to call for an investigation into billions of dollars that have been stolen from the NJ State Schools Construction Fund.

Daggett opened the debate by pointing out that he is now polling in the low 20’s, which is a psychological barrier that may convince many voters that a vote for Daggett is not a wasted vote.

In his closing argument Daggett called upon all voters to stand up against the corrupt and broken two-party system and tell them its time to end politics as usual.

Below News Coverage and a recap of the entire 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate

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Daggett Breaks 20% in latest poll; Will Have Major Impact On Race

The latest poll has Chris Daggett at 20%, breaking a threshold that many consider to be a game changer in the NJ Governor election.

For Independent Candidate Chris Daggett the poll represents the breaking of a huge psychological barrier that may draw a mass amount of voters into the Daggett column come Election Day. Many voters have been have held reservations about voting for Daggett due the latest PR media onslaught by the GOP that a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote.

Chris Daggett breaking 20% in the poll may just pull out the card the makes the entire house of cards come crashing down in the New Jersey Governor’s Race. Republican Challenger Chris Christie has all but self destructed and his polls numbers have been going straight down from a high of 51% in the middle of August to an all time low of 36% in the latest poll.

The poll could help Daggett pull enough New Jersey voters win an upset election. There are two main groups of voters that could jump ship from the politics as usual two party vote. They are the disenchanted Democrats who would rather not vote for Corzine, but feel that Christie is to corrupt to put into office. And there are the GOP supporters who want Corzine out of office more than anything else.

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Chris Christie Affair With Michele Brown

The New York Times published an article today about possible Chris Christie Affair with Michele Brown. The article stated that Christie and Brown stayed together in an expensive hotel room for two days, after Christie paid for airline tickets to sent his wife home.

The article also stated that Christie and Brown went to Vegas together on the taxpayer’s dime so Christie could speak and a convention for another one of the hip and knee maker’s that some say Christie  extorted for a multi-million dollar contract for his cronies.

The story broke just one day after it was announced that
Chris Christie to be investigated for misconduct as US Attorney General

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Chris Christie to be investigated for misconduct as US Attorney General

More Christie Corruption: Chris Christie to be investigated

An Associated press release reported the NJ Senator Frank Lautenburg has called for an investigation of Chris Christie requesting a Chris Christie investigation for misusing his power as US Attorney General for political purposes.

The Senator Lautenberg’s call for an investigation of Chris Christie comes on the heals of months of complaints that Christie abused his power as Attorney General to bribe and extort his political opponents. That fact that he did so is not much of a secret, as newspapers have been questioning whether Christie was abusing his power to make a play for NJ Governor for years.

When Christie resigned from the US Attorney General’s officials close to him said they have long figured Christie would not announce his resignation and if possible political run in fell swoop. Instead they said Christie would resign in two step to avoid questions about whether he was engaged in political strategizing while running the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

It was wide reported long before Christie resigned that he would be run for Governor of NJ.

In 2006 Christie illegally leaked word that his office was aggressively investigating Senator Menedez just two months before the election. The investigation was over a rental deal that a House Ethics Committee had already investigated and given approval for.

Critics claimed the leak of Christie’s investigation was nothing more than an attempt by Christie to tarnish the Senator so he would not be elected. Mendendez was never charged with a crime and Christie’s charges against the Senator where found to be baseless and led to a widepsread consensus that Christie was politicizing his power.

In February of 2008 the New York Times, reported Christie was politicizing his power and asked for an investigation be made into Christie:

He began an investigation of Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, late in a hard-fought election campaign. The charges now appear baseless, but at the time the news provided a big boost to Mr. Menendez’s Republican opponent. Mr. Christie went against a long Justice Department presumption against opening investigations or bringing indictments right before an election, to avoid affecting the outcome.

During congressional testimony in July, longtime Bush advisor Karl Rove said he had conversations with Chris Christie about running for governor while Christie was serving in the non-political position of U.S. attorney. The conversation Christie had about running for Governor was in 2006 and is a direct violation of the Hatch Act.

Notably it was around the same time that Christie leaked news his investigation of Menedez that Christie violated the Hatch Act and spoke with Karl Rove about the running for Governor of NJ.

Once again the justice department will have to write  new laws to outlaw what Christie has done over his career. Just like they had to in H.R 1947 in regard to  Christie’s several multi-million dollar extortion scandals.

Either Christie is just extremely amoral or he feels that for some reason he is above the law and doesn’t need to follow the rules.

APNewsBreak: NJ senator calls for Christie probe

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg is calling for a federal investigation into allegations that Chris Christie, the Republican candidate for governor, used his office for political gain while U.S. attorney.

The call for a Justice Department investigation follows months of accusations that Christie politicized the office of the top federal prosecutor.

Christie denies the charges.

However, he acknowledged having had conversations with Bush strategist Karl Rove about a possible run for governor. U.S. attorneys are barred from conducting political activity while in office.

Lautenberg, a Democrat, says it’s “shocking” that Christie appears to have conducted a political campaign from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Chris Christie Will Allow Gov Employees To Stay In $400+ Hotels

Chris Christie has been running on a campaign of not tax hikes and cutting wasteful government spending. But today that Associated Press reported that Christie plans on relaxing the state policy on Business Travel to allow government employees to stay at 4 star hotels.

In a state where why are trying to balance an 10 billion budget deficit with no where to come up with the cash, the last thing we need is a politician in office the will increase wasteful government spending by allowing state employees to stay in 5 star hotels like the Ritz Carlton and the 4 Seasons at over $400 – $500 a night like Chris Christie did himself while he was the US Attorney General.

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NY Times Endorses Corzine Half Heartedly; Praises Chris Daggett

The New York Times endorses Corzine in a half hearted and reluctant op-ed. Instead of touting and pushing Jon Corzine the NY Times instead decided to once again to praising Chris Daggett.

By reading the the NY Times editorial you get the impression that deep down inside the paper really wanted to endorse Chris Daggett. In the NY Times endorsement of Jon Corzine the NY times called Daggett An engaging independent candidate, and stated a major reason for not endorsing Christopher Daggett was because the New Jersey’s infamous political bosses have made sure that only the most intrepid voters will find him on the ballot.

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Christie Tied To Mafia: Christie Family In Mob

Some how this story seemed to slip under the radar, but I dug it up while reading news stories about Chris Christie.

There has been several references comparing Chris Christie to Tony Soprano but there has been no major stories making the actual connection of  Chris Christie’s Mafia Connection.

The report over at Main Justice a US Attorney Watchdog, reported Distant Christie Family Member Has Ties to Mafia.

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