Bloggers on impact of Star Ledger Endorsement of Daggett

The announcement that the Star Ledger is endorsing Chris Daggett is sending shockwaves around the political world as mainstream organizations such as the Seirra Club and The Star- Ledger join the growing consensus that we need toreject the two party political system.

The endorsement comes on the tail of a unanimous majority of main stream media outlets agreeing Daggett won the NJ Governor Election Debate on October 1st. The endorsement is huge as New Jersey’s largest newspaper sends a loud clear message to voter’s, A vote for Daggett is not a wasted vote.

The story quickly spread around the internet and many bloggers weighed in on the impact of the Star Ledger Endorsement of Chris Daggett. If you blog, have a Myspace or Facebook or even an email with contacts, learn how help by spread the word about Chris Dagget.

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Bloggers talk about Daggett’s Impact

Christopher Daggett NJ Independent Candidate for Govenor
Every day the name Chris Daggett begins to show up on more and more blogs. Every day more and more blogs posts are dedicated entirely to the Daggett Campaign for Governor.  And with all off this attention that Chris Daggett has been getting lately it may come as a bit of a surprise that Daggett’s 10% share of the poll has came virtually entirely through viral and grassroots efforts.

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Daggett Bashes Christe and Corzine for Illegal Campaign Finance

Daggett bashes special interest donations

According to Bloomberg news,  almost all New Jersey voters say corruption is a serious problem in the state, and more people associate Democrats with political bribery than they do Republicans, a Quinnipiac University poll released today found.

But on the heals of this news is an announcement by Chris Daggett, independent candidate for Governor, on Wednesday that criticized politicians in both parties for continuing to benefit from enormous donations from special interest groups even as they tout plans to crack down on political corruption. Chris Dagget bashed both John Corzine and Christ Christie and revealed that the Republican Governors Association has funneled nearly $3 million dollars illegally into Chris Christie’s campaign while the Democratic party is guilty of the same funneling $2 million dollars into the Corzine campaign.

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