Corzine and Christie Duck Property Tax issue

Over at New Jersey Voices, Paul Mulshine was kind enough to point out both Christ Christie and John Corzine are ducking the issue most important to NJ voters this year, out of control property taxes. Its no wonder that BlueJersey points out that a majority of polls fail to include Daggett in their results.

NJ Voices Paul Mulshine

NJ Voices Paul Mulshine

Both candidates are ducking this issue which is the number one issue to voters according to polls. And this year, its not the economy as usual, but property taxes and corruption that’s on the mind of voters.

This is typical of both parties and is an unfortunate fact of reality that must be faced when you have an elitist two-party rule. The system gets broken and its no wonder the Green Party filed a lawsuit over unethical ballot access for third party candidates. You end up with greed, corrupt politicians, pay to play, out of control spending, an unmanageable budget, skyrocketing property taxes and one of the highest costs of living in the world.

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