The Chris Daggett Tax Plan Does Not Raise Taxes. Read The Truth

The Chris Daggett tax plan does not raise taxes. This is just an attack by Christie Christie to cover up the fact the he has no tax plan of his own.

The truth is the Chris Daggett tax plan lowers taxes and cuts spending

  • The Chris Daggett tax plan cuts income tax to a 8.97% flat rate.
  • The Chris Daggett tax plan cuts corporate tax by 25%.
  • Chris Daggett’s plan cuts property tax by 25%
  • Under Chris Daggett’s plan the amount of taxes collected stays the same.
  • Daggett’s plan taxes services used by the rich, like Attorneys, Accountants and Architects.

The associated press hired 3 independent economists to review the tax plan of Chris Christie, John Corzine and Chris Daggett and economists agree economists agree the Daggett Tax plan is the best.

about the Chris Daggett and Chris Christie’s Tax Plan

Does Chris Daggett’s tax plan Increase Taxes?

Chris Daggett’s Tax Plan does not increase taxes. The Chris Daggett Plan does not raise taxes

Chris Daggett’s plan simply changes where $4 billion of revenue come from. The amount of taxes collected stays the same. There is no increase in taxes.

Chris Daggett’s plan models the tax systems used in other states, like the Texas Tax Plan, Delaware and Florida, where there is little to no income tax.

By cutting income, corporate and property taxes Chris Daggett’s plan makes NJ and affordable place to live and doe business. The Chris Daggett plan will finally reverse the sky-rocketing cost of living in NJ.

By making NJ a more affordable place to live and do business, Chris Daggett’s plan will also reverse the exodus of jobs, income, residents and business to other states. Every year billions of dollars in income leaves our state and goes elsewhere to do business. If we do not reverse that trend soon all businesses will leave NJ to do business in other states where it is more affordable the same way the manufacturing industry has left the US to do business in other countries where it is cheaper and they pay less taxes.

Daggett’s plan solves our budget and economic problems. The $4 billion in cuts in property, income and corporate tax will be paid by expanding the sales tax. It does not cause a net increase in taxes. At the end of the day the amount of taxes collected stays the same.

NJ is rated the worst tax and business climate in the nation.  NJ will never return to economic prosperity if the current economic client exists. Only Chris Daggett’s plan will return NJ to economic prosperity.

Daggett’s Plan Cuts Property Taxes and Makes Property Tax Rebates Permanent

Daggett is only swapping the source of $4 Billion worth of taxes that we already pay. It also makes the current temporary property tax rebates a permanent tax cut.

With Jon Corzine and Chris Christie, when the economy gets better current  Property Tax Rebates will disappear.  That means with the Corzine and Christie plan there will eventually be a 25% increase in property taxes.

Chris Daggett Is the Only Candidate With A Plan To Cut Spending

While Chris Christie has said over and over again that he will cut spending, we are all to familiar with the lies that politicians tell us to get their vote. In fact, Christie has no plan to cut spending which is why Chris Daggett won more newspaper endorsements than Christie and Corzine combined.

Chris Dagget is committed to cutting spending and has a plan to do it. Chris Daggett has called for HARD CAPS of municipal spending and will implement a municipal spending freeze tied to the CPI.

We all know that the largest drain on municipal spending it the state’s education system. Chris Daggett’s plan to end tenure and give the school boards the power they need to fight the unions and decrease state spending.

Chris Daggett’s voucher system is also touted by world renowned economists. Non performing school districts using the voucher system will allow school districts that cost over $140,000 per yer per student to educate the same students for only $4,000.

Chris Daggett will end corruption and wasteful spending. Like the more that $6 billion in money that has disappeared from the NJ Schools construction fund without a trace. Such scandals will be a thing of the past.

The Chris Christie Plan To Cut Taxes And Spending Is Unrealistic

We are fooling ourselves if we believe that  Chris Christie is going to go into Trenton and make an across the board cut of taxes and spending. The legislature and voters will stop him in his tracks. Even if successful the experts at say that the Christie plan would help the rich and hurt the middle class and the poor.

For example, the Christie plan is already being attacked because his plan will cut funding for children with special needs like those with autism.

Several newspapers have called Christie out on the issue. About Christie’s plan the courier post says  “we’re all out of faith in empty political promises“. The Asbury Park Press said “we’re highly skeptical of Chris Christie’s ability to balance the budget” and “Chris Christie has provided no specific plan for property tax relief

The associated press hired three independent economists to review the tax plans of Chris Daggett, Chris Christie and Jon Corzine.

The economist agree with the newspapers and say that Christie’s plan is unrealistic, that the Christie plan will create a huge budget deficit. The economists also stated the Christie’s plan will act like a second sales tax.

Only voters have the power to change the government. We must refuse to be held captive to the broken two-party system that has brought a plague of scandal and corruption into our government and keeps us captive by instilling fear of voting for a third party. Its time to send a message to politicians in NJ and all across the country. Its time to end politics as usual.

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