Voter Sentiment Strong For Daggett, Bad for Christie and Corzine

The folks over at Sentimatrix have created an Artificial Intelligence Data mining algorithm that harvests all of the echos across the blogosphere it all of its Web 2.0 social media sprouts. And Chris Daggett is the only candidate in the NJ Gubernatorial Race that voters have positive sentiment for.

The complex algorithm then calculates how voters are feeling toward the top three candidates for Governor Independent Candidate Chris Dagget, Republican challenger Christopher Christie and Incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine.

about Daggett’s Strong Voter Sentiment

Voter and Media Sentiment Positive for Daggett. Negative For Christie and Corzine

After taking all of the data it grinds it up it performs a serious of calculations that only some of the sharpest minds in math can comprehend and spits out how voter’s are feeling about the candidates.

Chris Daggett was the only candidate that voters feel positive and strong about. Both Jon Corzine and Chris Christie have negative voter sentiment. This indication is very bad for Christie and Corzine and will play out in favor of Chris Daggett in the polls on election day.


You can view the updated graph of voter sentiment on Sentimatrix


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