Vineland Daily Journal Flips Endorsement and Endorses Daggett

After releasing an endorsement for Corzine on Friday, the Vineland Daily Journal flips its endorsement and endorses Independent Candidate For Governor Chris Daggett.

The headline ‘Business as usual’ is just unacceptable.

Vineland Daily Journal Endorses Chris Daggett

Vineland Daily Journal Endorsement on Jon Corzine

Even with his own party in solid control of the Legislature, he has failed to lead New Jersey toward fiscal sanity in terms of taxes and spending. And he has repeatedly shown that he is in the pocket of the powerful public employee unions. When elected, Corzine said “business as usual” was no longer acceptable. He said to hold him accountable if things didn’t change. The wheelings and dealings in Trenton have continued unabated during his administration, and we hold Corzine accountable. That’s why it’s time for a change.

Vineland Daily Journal Endorsement on Chris Christie

Christie clearly has the best shot at unseating Corzine. But our confidence that he is the right man for the job has steadily declined over the past several months. His drop in the polls suggests that a lot of prospective voters agree. That’s Christie’s own fault, and certainly not a sign that people feel growing confidence in Corzine.

Christie keeps repeating that he will cut taxes and cut spending. Well, that’s the right message. But he offers little of substance to explain how he would do it. Where would he find the billions of dollars to fulfill his promises like restoring the full property tax rebate and reducing taxes for wealthy residents? What would he cut to make that happen? We don’t know. We don’t know if he knows. He wants us to take it on faith.

Sorry, we’re all out of faith in empty political promises.

Vineland Daily Journal Endorsement on Why to Vote for Chris Daggett

But what a breath of fresh air he has been in this campaign. He hasn’t been afraid to talk about controversial steps to get our fiscal house in order, including a dramatic shift away from the property tax by expanding the sales tax. Daggett also has administrative experience and has worked under both Democratic and Republican regimes, suggesting he might be a man who could reach across the party aisle.

And how’s this for an odd concept for New Jersey: With Daggett we would have a governor who owes his job to the people of the state rather than political bosses, unions or special interest groups.

Is a vote for Daggett a wasted ballot if he has little chance of winning? That’s one way of looking at it. But considering that the other choices are failed-incumbent Corzine with more of the same old political kowtowing or wishful-thinking Christie with no clear-cut plans at all, we encourage voters to go with someone who strikes us as smart, independent and a straight shooter.

We endorse Chris Daggett for governor.

Here it is the Vineland Daily Journal Endorses for Chris Daggett


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