Washington Post: At 20% Path Exists For Daggett to Win Race

UPDATE MUST READ: Political Analysts: Daggett can win election with 25% in the polls

Just Read It over on the “The Live Fix” on the Washington Post.

Chris Cillizza
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 23, 2009; 11:00 AM

I still don’t think Daggett can win the race outright but if he really is at 20 percent today, then a path may well exist.

Why can Daggett win, well according to this news on the Asbury Park Press…

Daggett’s plan most promising

In New Jersey, either you pay your property taxes, or you sell your home and move out of state or into a smaller house. You have no control over the taxes you pay.


Chris Daggett’s proposal to shift the tax burden from the property tax to the sales tax lets taxpayers themselves decide how much they pay in taxes.

If we change the emphasis from property taxes to sales taxes, it will allow many people to stay in New Jersey and not have to move to lower-tax states. In effect, they can lower their own taxes by choosing not to buy goods and services when they can’t afford them.

Only Daggett offers this alternative. He deserves your vote.

The republican response to the news? LIE… NJ 101.5 has started spreading a lie that Daggett hates black people, a lie which their “mock” candidate just made up a few minutes ago. Now the host is running rampant with the accusation. Absolutely amazing.


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