Sleazy GOP Lies from 101.5 FM – Daggett doesn’t like black people

It is just beyond my comprehension what the GOP doesn’t get about the fact that the sleazy campaigns based on negative attacks and misinformation is not going to win elections. Its the issues stupid! Haven’t they learned that from the McCain and Palin campaign?

Someone should send them that memo, because NJ’s most listened to Radio Station NJ  101.5 FM has become a mouthpiece for the GOP lately spitting out every piece of misinformation about Chris Daggett that they can dream up. It’s particularly shocking because over the last 4 or more years the station has gained a lot of respect among voters for its constant coverage and pressure on corrupt politicians in Trenton gaining a reputation as a true advocate for the citizens of NJ.

But today, the Republican Party and 101.5 FM has sunk to an all time low making up a lie live on air that Independent Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett doesn’t like black people. This has to be one of most sleazy kind of lie and character attack to falsely claim that Chris Daggett is a racist.

Lie that Chris Daggett doesn’t like black people made up on the air

On the Dennis & Michele show, their “mock” independent candidate was taking questions from the hosts and stated that Chris Daggett’s Tax Plan was unfavorable to poor minority communities like the one he lives in. Dennis then asked Tyrone, so what you are telling me is that Chris Daggett doesn’t like Black People. Tyrone then replied I guess you can put it that way.

It would have been fine if what left at that, but instead Dennis continued to rant well as you just heard Chris Daggett doesn’t like black people and kept interjecting the comment in between statements and reciting it to callers who where calling in to express their discontent with Corzine and the need to vote him out of office.

Then Dennis said what would the ads be like if this race was between Corzine and Daggett. Then in a deep husky voice mimicked a Corzine Ad, “My Opponent Christ Daggett does not like black people“. Dennis continued to carry on make the same statement.

Is Lying that Chris Daggett doesn’t like black people going to far?

Seriously, this is a new low. The lie that Chris Daggett doesn’t like black people shows the state of despair of the GOP in NJ. It just goes to show that the republican party is willing to go to any length, willing to spread any kind of lie, willing to spread any kind of misinformation, and stoop to any low necessary to win a single vote vote.

I can’t believe that a reputable and respected news station like 101.5 FM would sink to such a sleazy low.

I guess since the Chris Christie ship is sinking faster than the Titanic the GOP needs to try to throw whatever they can at the wall and try to make it stick.


4 Responses

  1. 101.5 Stoops to new lows everyday! Denis Malloy and his sidekick Michelle are ignorant morons! They should be banned from the airwaves. His cowardly and condescending interview of Chris Daggett was appalling to say the least.

    I guess their ratings are getting so low they have to create rumors and show their real ignorance for attention. What they don’t realize is everyone can see right through them and they are giving Chris Daggett so much air time they are helping get his name out there! They have to be on Chris Christie’s payroll to be acting the way they are.

    Especially backing someone like Christie who claims he has given specifics about his plans for NJ but has given us none!

    101.5 fm should be sanctioned and Dennis Malloy and his sidekick should be thrown off the air if they actually brought race into this campaign. Its disgusting!

    Daggett will win!

  2. I have been listening to their partisan bull trashing Daggett day in and day out.

    But to actually hear them make up a lie and continue to charge Daggett as being a racist and not liking black people was disturbing to me.

    I think what was even worse, is my hardcore GOP aunt who I discussed it with right afterward and she found absolutely no problem with the immorality of the incident. She claimed that I am naive and the Democrats do the same thing.

    Perhaps she is right and that has been the way the machine has worked for years.

    But I say no to the politics as usual, an that’s why I am voting for Daggett. That’s just absolutely horrible.

    What happens when Daggett goes into a black neighborhood to campaign and runs into a group of individuals who actually believe this BS

  3. people of nj unite, boycott 101.5 and vote for Daggett. The black voters of this state should realize the democrats have done nothing for them and the republicans are using them in a dispicable lie against daggett. stick it to both parties and vote for independant daggett and just maybe e veryone in this state will get a fair shot at succeeding here !!!!!

  4. my goodness,a new low in politics, using the race card against Daggett. both parties are scared out of their minds and realize they aren;t qualified to lead.this is an opportunity of a lifetime for the people of nj to take back their state. Do it by voting for Chris Daggett and feel good for once in your life to vote for someone rather than agianst someone !!!!!!!

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