Daggett Demands Investigation of BILLIONS Missing From NJ School Construction Fund

In the 3rd Gubernatorial Debate Chris Daggett Nailed Christie and Corzine for Corruption

Daggett went on to call for an investigation into over $6 Billion dollars that is missing from the NJ Schools Construction Fund. Governor Corzine responded that he has already put all the proper controls and regulations in place, but that doesn’t answer the question of where billions of dollars went.

Christie replied that if he is elected governor he would open an investigation. But my question to Christie was the US Attorney General while all of this was happening and Corzine was Governor. Why wait until becoming governor to launch an investigation into billions of dollars missing? And Governor Corzine why haven’t you launched an investigation?

Chris Daggett Calls for Investigation into Billions missing from NJ School Construction Fund

So how exactly does $6 billion dollars go missing from a NJ  State Education fund? That’s a very good question. I guess the answer is, well we live in NJ.

According the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Literally billions of dollars have gone missingin school construction funds, in payouts to ghost organizations and phantom employees. And thanks to a teachers’ union that seems more interested in protecting its members’ jobs than raising the level of work they do, it’s virtually impossible for a teacher in a New Jersey public school to be fired. No matter how egregiously bad, or even abusive, he or she might be.

The Cartel (a title that doesn’t serve the film well) lays out its facts clearly, and Bowdon – while no Michael Moore (and maybe that’s a good thing) – asks the right questions. New Jersey taxpayers, and the state’s political leaders, need to see this documentary. And then they need to do something besides throw more money at a terrifying problem.

Where have Corzine and Christie been while all of this was going on?

These are the politicians that expect us to vote for them. No Way. Why does it take Chris Daggett to bring it up during the NJ 3rd Gubernatorial Debate for Governor for an investigation into billions of dollars missing to be considered?

Who will investigate 6 Billion Dollars Missing?

And what’s worse? I don’t even see it mentioned once in a single main stream news story. What has this state come to? It will definitely take media coverage to force the hands of the Corrupt politicians in NJ to investigate.

Daggett has called for a Federal Investigation into the billions of dollars missing in school funds. Yet Christie asserted that he would investigate it he became governor? Why you Christie? Why not the Feds? Why haven’t you already investigated it already? Christie is campaigning on an anti-corruption platform but the Christie Campaign has not mentioned the missing $6 Billion once. And not until Daggett raises the issue does Christie say that it should be investigated. Not one single time. Why does he is afraid the crooks that stole the tax-payers money won’t vote for him?

Its no secret that the state budget woes are due to the high cost of running our public school system and in order to rein in property taxes we need to fix our educational funding problem. This is just one more example of rampant corruption that has been allowed to grow out of control under the watch of Governor Corzine. Can someone in the media please pick up this story, please? If you don’t it won’t be to long before NJ consumers don’t have enough money to buy your newspapers.


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  1. Corzine needs to be stopped, and be held accountable. He’s helped too many unions raise into power, and now what they originally stood for is no longer there. They are taking the money, and not thinking about anyone else. They are the new legal Mob, and they must be put down!

    And Thank God for Daggett bringing light to this subject, he’s better then Christie in finding the justice…

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