Chris Daggett Wins 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate

Chris Daggett wins the 3rd governor debate making it a clean sweep for all three gubernatorial debates in the 2009 NJ Election for Governor.

Corzine said he wont’ cut taxes and stated his plan is more of the same, literally. He said  does have a plan, the one he already has in place. Perhaps someone should let him in on the secret that NJ voters are not happy with his current plan.

Christie continued to offer no details about his budget plan. Christie spent most of his time bickering.  Corzine and Christie went back and forth at each other with more negative attacks on each others character. Christie took a good shot a Corzine’s plan of more of the same, saying someone should inform Corzine that voters are dissatisfied with his current plan

Mean while Daggett continued to tout his plans pointing out that both the Democratic and Republican Parties have made a mess out of the state and he is the only candidate with a plan to get the state out of the mess.

Daggett also hung both Corzine and Christie and Christie out to dry when asked about how to fight corruption. He said to Corzine and Christie the best way to fight corruption is lead ead by example and pointed out that both Christie and Corzine are engaging in illegal campaign financing and pay to play. It was so bad that neither Christie or Corzine could defend their actions. Instead Corzine acknowledged that he and Christie where engaging and such actions and said they need to stop.

Daggett then went on to call for an investigation into billions of dollars that have been stolen from the NJ State Schools Construction Fund.

Daggett opened the debate by pointing out that he is now polling in the low 20’s, which is a psychological barrier that may convince many voters that a vote for Daggett is not a wasted vote.

In his closing argument Daggett called upon all voters to stand up against the corrupt and broken two-party system and tell them its time to end politics as usual.

Below News Coverage and a recap of the entire 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate

News Coverage of the Debate

From the The Associated Press

From the Associated Press:

Daggett opened with sharp criticism of both major-party candidates, saying Corzine “led our state to near fiscal ruin,” and said Christie is running “a campaign that’s without substance and lacking in intellectual integrity.”

On the issue of corruption, Daggett said both of the other candidates use money to skirt fair political practices: Corzine by spending so much of his fortunes on politics and Christie because his brother donated $200,000 to the Republican Governors Association, which is running television ads attacking Corzine and Daggett.

On Property Taxes:

“It is not going to be a program that’s going to be fixed with a silver bullet,” Christie said.

Daggett, a former state and federal environmental protection official, continued to push a plan that would change the tax system. He wants to extend the sales tax to more services and use the extra revenue mostly to slash local property taxes.

Recap of the entire 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate

WBGO 88.3 FM in Newark hosted the 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate which was syndicated on public radio.

A recap of the entire NJ Gubernatorial Debate is below.

Independent Candidate For Governor Chris Daggett, who won the debate,  opened by saying a new poll shows that we are now in the low 20’s while my opponents campaign are moving backward.

He continued that I am the only candidate that has put together plan with details while my opponents have focused on negative attack ads. He said that the other candidates refuse confront the issues and said “If we don’t address these issues we’re kidding ourselves if we think we’ll solve the problems.”

Chris Daggett said New Jersey’s spending is harmful and could only be controlled using his proposed cap on municipal spending and continued to promote his plan to cut property taxes, income taxes and corporate taxed to restore economic prosperity to NJ.

Daggett pointed out the state is facing an 8 billion budget deficit and property tax and corporate tax burden that is harmful and imbalanced. He stated that the only way to deal with the property tax issue it to stop the out of control growth of government.

Incumbent Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine responded by making the claim that he is the first governor in 60 years to cut spending in Trenton. Although critics argue that Corzine’s spending does not include spending funded by Federal stimulus which will disappear once the stimulus funds go away.

Republican Candidate for Govern, Chris Christie responded that he plans on starting with a zero budget because the government cannot be expected to review the feasibility of funding programs every year. Christie also touted shared services and collective bargaining but shot in himself in the foot by citing a local municipality recently refused to use such a plan. Christie plans on cutting taxes and spending but does not plan to review government programs for their usefulness? How does that work.

Daggett responded that he is still waiting for specific plans saying that we are kidding ourselves if we think either of the other candidates have a plan to restore economic prosperity to the state. Daggett then went on to point out the specifics of his plan and how each detail contributes to bringing back NJ to economic prosperity.

Corzine responded that he has a specific plan the plan he already has in place,  stating he has already put rebates and spending caps into place. Obviously someone should tell Corzine that voters are dissatisfied with his Corzine’s plan

Christie responded that he pays $38,000 a year in property taxes and said he has put forward a plan to deal with this that does not involve increasing the sales tax by $4 billion and moved on to say the Property tax issue is not going to get solved over night after pointing out that he would put pressure on educational and municipal spending to reduced the property tax. Way to duck the issue and continue to offer absolutely o plan at all Christie.

Daggett then called Corzine out saying there is not a 4% cap in place, pointing out the current spending cap is a spending increase cap, which allow fo over a 5% increase in spending year over hear. Daggett stated he wanted to put a hard cap in place to stop any increase on all municipal spending and tie that cap to the consumer price index. He then followed up saying Christie once again he still has no plan and made a snicker about having a calculator on his website so Christie can do the math his himself.

Corzine then followed up saying one thing he would not do is cut taxes for businesses like his opponents would and said another thing he wouldn’t do is reject $5 billion in federal stimulus like Christie would. Typical Corzine, my plan is more of the same and no tax cuts.

Christie shot back at Corzine saying that reducing the tax burden for businesses is way to bring economic prosperity was by cutting business taxes.

Daggett responded the only way to bring jobs back to NJ is restructure the entire tax structure to cut the cost of living and the affordability of doing business in. He also followed up saying he would invest heavily in NJ education.

Corzine pointed out that Christie is proposing $100 million dollars in tax cuts for insurance companies and said he has already taken steps to make the business environment friendly in NJ. He said there is a reason major corporations are returning to NJ and its because of the plan NJ already has in place. Ok so Christie is planning to cut business taxes by $100 million while the state faces an $8-10 billion budget defecits and property and income taxes are through the roof.

Christie responded that “you still don’t get the fact after being rated the worst business tax climate in the nation you still think things are fine”

On the environment

Daggett laid out his long line of credentials and projects that have help the environment and said He has a long track record of doing things to help the environment and restated his two major proposals for protecting the environment.

Corzine responded “I am proud of our record in the environment” and pointed out the NJ commissioner is the only one Obama chose to go into his cabinet and stated there are plans to create the largest wind farms in North America off the NJ Coast. He then stated a lot of his environmental success was due to the work of Chris Daggett.

Christie responded his plan is to return the DEP to their core mission of remediating environment dump sites and cited his track record of being aggressive against polluter as well as proposals to put solar panels on dump sites.

Daggett responded that the idea the Christie was involved in stopping ocean dumping is ludicrous and stated he would put his track record up against any plan Christie and Corzine could have. He cited his long track record in environment.

All of you have condemn corruption what can you do to prevent?

Corzine said anyone that breaks the law should be held accountable and stated that he appointed an Attorney General who has had a long track record of prosecuting both parties. making referect to stories of Christie’s track record of attacking democrats for political purposes. Corzine also stated that he has put in the most stringent pay to play than any other state and will continue on that course.

Christie responded that his entire career has been dedicated fighting corruption and said that Corzine’s money has enabled corrupt politicians like feirroro. He stated that there also needs to be an end to play to play in the unions, which Corzine has allowed continuing under his administration.

Daggett said the best way to stop to corruption is to lead by example and stated we have to many cases of politician engaging in corruption under the cover of the law and have not been convicted. He then attacked Corzine and Christie for engaging to pay to play. Daggett then brought up Christie’s brother side stepping campaign finance laws and then accused Corzine of doing the same. If we want to end corruption we need to lead by example.

Corzine said that to end corruption, we need to stop all of the side stepping of the laws that we just heard Daggett say is going on. Corzine then defended himself of enabling feirroro as Christie had just claimed.

Asked about stopping or diverting the funding of the arts, specifically in regard to the PAC in New Jersey

Christie said it can’t be done because the arts are an engine of the economic vitality of the state. Christie said all we need to do is follow the law. Wait Christie says he’s going to cut billions and billions from the budget but postures on the arts funding.

Daggett responded said it is never acceptable to divert money from programs. He then said that happens in NJ all of the time and pointed out that the gimmicks and tricks used to divert funding from the Unemployment Insurance fund is another train wreck down the road. He said specifically in regard to the Arts his plan triples funding for the Arts and Tourism to help restore NJ’s economy.

Corzine then stated this gets to the heart of what tough choices are about in times of economic recession. Corzine said you can’t cut spending without making these kind of tough choices and he would rather fund vital services like food banks than fund the arts.

Christie then responded he agrees with the need to make tough choices, but the funding law stated the tax would be repealed if funding stopped for the arts. The problem is that you can’t get an agreement to create a tax for one thing and then turn around and use those funds for something else.

When asking about waste in school spending waste

Daggett said he still doesn’t understand how their hasn’t been an investigation, either from the Attorney General(Christie) the state (NJ) to where all of the money that just disappear in the education fund went.

Corzine avoided Doggett’s call for an investigation to the robbery of the state education fund and stated he has put in controls and checks and balances.

Christie responded that we need to go back and have a federal investigation into where the money went. Christie said the fact that it has not been done is excusable and stated that since alot of time has passed it makes it difficult to rebuild the circumstances under which the money disappeared. But Mr. Christie you where the Attorney General, why didn’t you investigate.

Daggett responded that we need to do a far better job providing better facilities for education and stated that we need far more the two current models which have all the bells and whistles that cause excessive spending when building education facilities.

When asked about what will the Lt governor besides take a paycheck to keep the Governor’s seat warm

Corzine responded that he will use his LG, who is uncorruptable and played a huge part in convicting Feirroro in all aspects of the government. He said he would ask Loretta to overlook the child welfare system and make sure that all kids have access to pre-school, because he knows it is a vital services and not just baby sitting as Christy has claimed.

Christie responded that he would have his running mate do research on how to make the economy more viability and would use KIM a one stop shop for business to go to fot government services. He then stated he would use her to fight corruption in NJ.

Daggett responded he selected Frank because of his long track record of education and helped institute the charter school programs and he was successful in make huge budget cuts without the need to get rid of employees and stated that Frank would be instrumental in bring that same kind of spending cuts in the NJ government.

Corzine responded his running mate has been called the conscious of the Legislature and said he would use her in every aspect that needs judgment on the quality of the individual and stated 4 of 7 supreme justices picked will be involved in choice of life issues.

Closing Statements

Christie closed out the Debate by stating that NJ is at a crossroads and that his entire family has a huge investment in NJ. He said his family will have a great future if we get together to do the things that we need to do we will have a better more hopeful future in New Jersey.

Daggett closed by saying he promised to provided a plan to cut taxes and he delivered and said democrats and republicans have made mess in this state and neither of his opponents have a plan to change this. He said with having over 20% of the vote now is the time for NJ voter’s to get the government under control.

Corzine replied by saying that Christie plan to cut corporate taxes would make it impossible to cut property taxes and would continue the programs that he had already put in place.

Chris Daggett wins the 3rd NJ Gubernatorial Debate making it a clean sweep for all three debates.

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