Daggett Breaks 20% in latest poll; Will Have Major Impact On Race

The latest poll has Chris Daggett at 20%, breaking a threshold that many consider to be a game changer in the NJ Governor election.

For Independent Candidate Chris Daggett the poll represents the breaking of a huge psychological barrier that may draw a mass amount of voters into the Daggett column come Election Day. Many voters have been have held reservations about voting for Daggett due the latest PR media onslaught by the GOP that a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote.

Chris Daggett breaking 20% in the poll may just pull out the card the makes the entire house of cards come crashing down in the New Jersey Governor’s Race. Republican Challenger Chris Christie has all but self destructed and his polls numbers have been going straight down from a high of 51% in the middle of August to an all time low of 36% in the latest poll.

The poll could help Daggett pull enough New Jersey voters win an upset election. There are two main groups of voters that could jump ship from the politics as usual two party vote. They are the disenchanted Democrats who would rather not vote for Corzine, but feel that Christie is to corrupt to put into office. And there are the GOP supporters who want Corzine out of office more than anything else.

For Daggett Breaking 20% in Poll Will Have Major Impact on Race

Once the voters who want Corzine out of office realize that Chris Christie’s ship is sinking faster than the Titanic we are likely to see a mass migration of voters from the Christie camp to the Daggett camp. Recent news about Christie includes a possible Christie Affair with Michele Brown, Christie’s family is connected to the Mob, accusations of several multi-million dollar extortion scandals, and even a petition to the DOJ by a NJ Senator to have Christie investigated for abusing his power as US Attorney General for political purposes.

Within the Republican Party there is a large group of Lonegan supporters that absolutely despise Chris Christie. The news that Daggett is polling at 20% could become the tipping point for these voters to jump ship and get on board with Chris Daggett.

On the flip side, there a majority of Democratic voters who would rather not vote for Corzine. These Democratic party voters feel that as bad as Corzine has been Christie would be much worse. And Christie’s recent steady drip of corruption scandals are help convincing them otherwise.  For this group of  voters the news of Daggett Breaking 20% in the latest poll is likely to sway a large portion of these voters to vote for Daggett Come election day.

Daggett Breaks 20% – Has Chance to Win Election

Voters in both parties agree that voting for Christie or Corzine is a vote for the lesser of two evils, and at the end of the day that is still a vote for evil.

However, Chris Daggett offers a viable alternative. How often do we see a candidate like Daggett who refuses to run a negative campaign and instead sticks to policy and issues that the voters care about. We don’t. How often to we see an independent candidate that breaks 20% in a major election. Not to often. These are the reasons that Dagget has broke the 20% threshold.

The same can not be said for Corzine and Christie.  To the contrary, there has been a lot of press about both Corzine and Christie running empty campaigns based on negative attacks and character assassination while refusing to answer voter questions and ducking the issues such as property taxes.

Breaking 20% in the polls means that Chris Daggett has a real chance to win on Election Day.

The latest poll that has Daggett polling at 20%, was released by Rutgers-Eagleton poll comes on the heals of a series of articles published by the Wall Street Journal that have given Christ Christie some very bad press.

Daggett breaks 20% in Latest Poll, Breaks Critical Threshold. Gives Daggett Chance to Win Election.

The story broke over on First Read.

NEW JERSEY: A Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows Jon Corzine now leading Christie, but still only with 39% of the vote. Christie takes in 36%, with independent Chris Daggett continuing to surge. Daggett now stands at 20%, the first poll to show him breaking 20%. The new director of the poll, David Redlawsk, writes in the group’s press release: “While Jon Corzine has made up a lot of ground in all the polls since last summer, he has not done it by increasing his support. Instead, Chris Christie has lost support as some voters who are opposed to Corzine have become attracted to Chris Daggett. Even so, it is important to note that Corzine’s lead in this poll is within the margin of error and if the election were today, the winner would be the candidate who can best rally his troops. We don’t know now who that will be.”

The Wall Street Journal take on news that Chris Daggett Breaks 20%:

Why can’t Christie get over the hump? The Wall Street Journal writes that Christie’s two biggest problems are his own lack of specificity and the ascendancy of Daggett. “By design, Mr. Christie has been vague about his tax and economic plans for the state. Ducking details is a tried and true strategy for front-runners who don’t want to reveal anything specific enough to criticize,” the Journal writes. But “asked to name the most important issue in the race, 54% of likely voters cite property taxes, the most popular response by far. Team Christie’s decision to put strategy above substance not only ignores this voter sentiment but also has given an opening to independent candidate Chris Daggett, whose economic reform proposals have been as specific as Mr. Christie’s have been vague.


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