Chris Christie Affair With Michele Brown

The New York Times published an article today about possible Chris Christie Affair with Michele Brown. The article stated that Christie and Brown stayed together in an expensive hotel room for two days, after Christie paid for airline tickets to sent his wife home.

The article also stated that Christie and Brown went to Vegas together on the taxpayer’s dime so Christie could speak and a convention for another one of the hip and knee maker’s that some say Christie  extorted for a multi-million dollar contract for his cronies.

The story broke just one day after it was announced that
Chris Christie to be investigated for misconduct as US Attorney General

Chris Christie Affair With Michele Brown

After reading the Ny Times Article the buzz on the internet quickly turned to voters asking the question whether or not  Chris Christie had an affair Michele Brown.

From the Huffington Post

Are we supposed to read between the lines and assume that Chris Christie and Michele Brown have been having an affair? It would possibly cast a different light on why he lent her $46,000….

Between the linnnnnnnnnnes? Yeah Right.

This guy just gets more interesting every day.

Who would want someone like this as governor?

The comments on the Huffington Post article are pretty harsh toward Chris Christie, the Republican Candidate for Governor. I acutally came across the article after reading the article on below,  after which  I thought, wait a minut that sounds to me like Chris Christie and Michele Brown where having an affair.

Here’s a snippet from the NY Times article that was posted in a comment that sparked my curiosity.


Just imagine all the dirt that would emerge if Ms Brown ever came clean…all the way, about her relationship with Christie.

No doubt what has come out in the NYT is just the tip of a large iceberg.  And I quote…..

>>>>>>>”In August, Mr. Marra defended the office’s handling of the Freedom of Information requests and denied that Ms. Brown oversaw the process, saying she only supplied records relating to her own travel.

Yet only after Ms. Brown’s departure, five months after the requests were submitted, were the first two voluminous batches of records released.

Those records, which the Corzine campaign has parceled out to news organizations, have already proved embarrassing to Mr. Christie. News stories last week said the records showed Mr. Christie often stayed at expensive hotels on the taxpayers’ dime, routinely exceeding per diem rates set for Justice Department officials.

Additional records provided in raw form by the Corzine campaign and analyzed by The Times show that Ms. Brown accompanied Mr. Christie on 16 trips, the bulk of them in 2007 and 2008. They were often accompanied by a junior prosecutor, Kevin O’Dowd.

In August 2008 Mr. Christie’s wife, Mary Pat, joined him, Ms. Brown, and Mr. O’Dowd for a trip to London, where Mr. Christie spoke at a meeting of compliance officers at another one of the companies his office had investigated in the investigation of makers of artificial hips and knees. Mr. O’Dowd left early, while the Christies and Ms. Brown stayed on for two more days in the Park Lane Hotel. Mr. Christie paid his wife’s airfare, but the government covered the couple’s and Ms. Brown’s $401-per-night lodgings. Mr. O’Dowd declined comment.

Mr. Christie and Ms. Brown also traveled to the Venetian casino hotel in Las Vegas last year, where he addressed a sales convention of still another one of the hip and knee makers.

Mr. Christie’s in-state travel has also been questioned. He put in for more than $20,000 in mileage reimbursements during his seven-year tenure, including many trips that his public schedules indicate were made for personal or political reasons.

A die-hard Mets fan, Mr. Christie put in for $73 in mileage costs for a round-trip drive to Philadelphia on a night his schedule noted an away game against the Phillies.”<<<<<<<

If Christie gave a crap about the Republican party or about the people of New Jersey he would drop out of the race and give Daggett a clean shot……but Christie’s oversized ego and hubris have no bounds.

If there is any justice the most recent revelations will lead to a criminal investigation and prosecution for both of these former prosecutors!

I dare say that, faced with the possibility of going to prison that Brown will roll over and squeal like a piglet……..IF there is a real investigation/prosecution…and that might take a special prosecutor since so many of the folks whose job that would be may also have conflicting interests.

Maybe now Jon Cirzine will take the gloves off and seriously begin to criticize Chistie.

Corzine should win this by twenty points…..that’s how much of a sleazaball hypocrite is Mr Christie.   I’ve been saying he’s a sleaze for years and now the proof is emerging drop by acid drop.


Good thing the NYT is still around to get these stories that the NJ press doesn’t/won’t print.  At least the NYT will listen to whistle blowers now and then and actually print the story!


3 Responses

  1. It is very funny how one sided this article and how it praises accusations without any facts. This is a very typical political attack without substance. Hopefully there are enough NJ citizens that are smart enough to make their own decisions. If anyone thinks that Corzine has been good for NJ must be like Rev. Jackson who received $87,ooo for his endorsement. I guess everybody has a price.

  2. Rich,

    You have it all wrong, this is not a one sided pro-corzine attack. Corzine is the last person I want in office.

    The posts on this site are to educate voters about the state of corruption that plagues NJ.

    Neither Christie or Corzine are viable candidates.

  3. […] voters from the Christie camp to the Daggett camp. Recent news about Christie includes a possible Christie Affair with Michele Brown, Christie’s family is connected to the Mob, accusations of several multi-million dollar […]

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