Christie Tied To Mafia: Christie Family In Mob

Some how this story seemed to slip under the radar, but I dug it up while reading news stories about Chris Christie.

There has been several references comparing Chris Christie to Tony Soprano but there has been no major stories making the actual connection of  Chris Christie’s Mafia Connection.

The report over at Main Justice a US Attorney Watchdog, reported Distant Christie Family Member Has Ties to Mafia.

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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Considers Chris Daggett Endorsement

Mayor Bloomberg Considers Chris Daggett endorsement

Rumors are fly all around the internet of a possible endorsement of Independent Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after Politico first broke the story.

Asked if Bloomberg could back Daggett, a mayor’s adviser said: “Nothing ruled in or out.”

Can Chris Daggett Actually Win New Jersey?

Short and simple Chris Daggett Can Win New Jersey and Here’s Why:

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Daggett Polling 18% in Latest SurveyUSA Poll

Independent Candidate for Governor Chris Daggett is polling at 18% in the latest SurveyUSA Poll.

In an election for New Jersey Governor today, 10/15/09, 19 days until the vote, Republican Chris Christie and incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine are tied and treading water, according to this latest exclusive WABC-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

Chris Daggett is the only candidate with momentum. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released one week ago, Christie is down 3 points, from 43% to 40%; Corzine is down 1 point, from 40% to 39%; Daggett is up 4 points, from 14% to 18%. Daggett was endorsed by the Star-Ledger on Sunday, 10/11, one day before interviewing began for this poll.

Of those who voted for Corzine in 2005, 58% stick with Corzine in 2009 — down from 67% one week ago. 20% of 2005 Corzine voters crossover to Republican Christie in 2009 — up from 17%; 19% vote Daggett, up from 13%.
Of those who voted for Corzine’s 2005 Republican opponent, Doug Forrester, 77% vote for Republican Christie in 2009, down from 82% from last week. 18% vote Daggett, up from 14% one week ago.

Among whites, Christie leads by 14 points, down from 18. Among blacks, Corzine leads 4:1, down from 6:1. Christie, who became the Republican nominee after defeating a more conservative Republican, Steve Lonegan, in the primary, leads 4:1 among Conservatives, unchanged from last week. Corzine leads 4:1 among liberals, also unchanged. Moderates remain divided. Corzine carries Northern Jersey. Christie carries South Jersey. In Central Jersey, where Christie had led by 12, he leads by 3.