Daggett Wins Election Debate

The First of the three NJ Governor Election Debates occurred on October 1st and the majority consensus of main stream media outlets was the Independent Candidate Chris Daggett won.

That’s right, everyone was shocked to hear the headlines  “Chris Daggett Wins Election Debate“. But when you have Chris Christie and John Corzine ducking major issues like property taxes and offering no solutions but to tell the taxpayer they need to wait, while Daggett was the only one with a plan who did they expect to win.

Here are some excerpts from media coverage of the debate.

Mainstream Media: Chris Daggett Won NJ Election Debate

The debate will be rebroadcast on NJN-TV at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday.
Watch excerpts of the debate by clicking here.

The New York Times
“But it was the little-known independent, Christopher Daggett, a former Environmental Protection Agency official, who all but stole the show, promoting a plan to cut the state’s skyrocketing property taxes by up to 25 percent and haranguing Mr. Christie in particular for lacking a specific plan of his own.

The Star Ledger
“The best line of tonight’s debate came when, in a response to a question about just how the heck an independent could win the race for governor, Chris Daggett listened to both his opponents’ responses and then quipped: “It sounds like both of these guys might be voting for me.”

They won’t be, but a lot of other people will. Daggett was the winner of this debate by a large margin. And that’s not good news for the other challenger named Chris, former federal prosecutor Chris Christie.”

Chris Daggett hit the ball out of the ballpark,” Democrat Michael Murphy tells NJN Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron in a post debate breakdown that the cameras film while almost everyone else clears.

In the pre-debate street rallies, intent on being part of the action, Daggett’s green T-shirted forces spiritedly muscled their way between the converging Christie and Corzine factions, shouting defiantly, “We’ve got a plan, we’ve got a plan! We’ve got a plan!”

USA Today
TRENTON, N.J. — A long-shot independent upstaged his better-known rivals in the first of three New Jersey governor’s race debates.

Chris Daggett, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator running a shoestring campaign, maximized his position on stage between the two heavyweights in the race, Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie, by delivering blows to each while raising his own profile immeasurably.

Corzine gave a more-animated-than-usual defense of his record while Christie, a former federal prosecutor, didn’t deliver specifics on how would cut taxes and spending.

Chris Daggett won by basically setting the agenda for what this debate was going to be about,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “You have to give him credit for that — there is no question about it.”

When the final words had been spoken it was clear that Daggett had the best night. He was the most intellectually engaging, the one with new ideas. And he was entertaining.

Beyond that, he expertly used every opportunity to plug his tax plan that he says would reduce property taxes by 25 percent while expanding the sales tax to currently not covered services.

NJN News
“He was humorous, refreshing and presented a clear alternative in a campaign wrought with sharp policy disagreements and nasty personal attacks. Daggett had the advantage of playing up the nice and funny side, which at this point would be hard for the two others to pull off.

No doubt, this is now a three-way race. How much of a difference Daggett will make remains to be seen, but the Christie camp has got to be nervous that people who are tired of Corzine’s policies might very well see Daggett as a better protest vote.”

Philadelphia Inquirer
The guy nobody heard of upstaged his better-known rivals in Thursday’s New Jersey governor’s race debate.

Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Chris Daggett, an independent with little money, appeared between Gov. Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie in the first of three live debates.

For many viewers, it was their first exposure to Daggett.

The consensus among political analysts is that he stole the show from the two heavyweights in the race.

But after a breakthrough performance in Thursday’s first televised debate, Chris Daggett may have the major party nominees rethinking their strategy heading into the final 30 days of the race.

Consider Corzine’s first statement in the debate, when responding to Christie’s answer. “Let me first of all compliment Mr. Daggett. He has a plan,” he said, calling Christie’s promises a “fantasy.” Daggett was next. “I agree that there’s been no plan put forward by Mr. Christie,” he said. By the end of the debate, both major party nominees had gone out of their way to state where they agreed with Daggett.


101.5 FM Radio Daggett Seen As First Debate Winner
“Seton Hall political science professor Dr. Joe Marbach says “the candidates acquitted themselves pretty well – there were no major flubs, and there was no major knockout blow that any candidate landed on any of the other two.”

So who won the debate?

Dr. Marbach says “probably Chris Daggett came out on top…”


Fox News
The immediate spin after Thursday night was that neither Corzine nor Christie won the debate, but that Daggett stole the show with a few unplanned and ad-libbed one-liners and a definite plan to cut property taxes by 25 percent by expanding the sales tax on things like Jersey Shore rentals and haircuts.

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