Bloggers on impact of Star Ledger Endorsement of Daggett

The announcement that the Star Ledger is endorsing Chris Daggett is sending shockwaves around the political world as mainstream organizations such as the Seirra Club and The Star- Ledger join the growing consensus that we need toreject the two party political system.

The endorsement comes on the tail of a unanimous majority of main stream media outlets agreeing Daggett won the NJ Governor Election Debate on October 1st. The endorsement is huge as New Jersey’s largest newspaper sends a loud clear message to voter’s, A vote for Daggett is not a wasted vote.

The story quickly spread around the internet and many bloggers weighed in on the impact of the Star Ledger Endorsement of Chris Daggett. If you blog, have a Myspace or Facebook or even an email with contacts, learn how help by spread the word about Chris Dagget.

Blogger reactions of Star Ledger Endorsement of Chris Daggett

On the Village Voice article running scared the Julia points out:

Star-Ledger editorial says that their decision is less about the major party candidates, and more a repudiation of their state’s “corrupt” Democratic and “incompetent” Republican parties, whose “mandarins” have “forfeited any claim to the trust and confidence of the people of New Jersey.”

Riverdaughter has a long post about the star ledger endorsement. On that blog she points out:

As the Star-Ledger says, here’s the way to take back your government.  What our current crop of politicians need right now is discipline and for the voters to hold them accountable for their bad behavior.  With the election of people like Daggett, we are capable of issuing the parties a warning.  Shape up or it’s four years on the Naughty Step.  And then we keep putting them back on that step until they get the message and do what we tell them to do.  All we lack is the courage and determination to carry through on our warnings.

Her post has 69 responses at the time of this writing. Here are some

Constance writes: We can change laws in Washington state by the peoples initiative process. We changed our election laws so that the top two candidates from each primary go on to the general election. If that is a communist and a green party candidate then thats who we get. The Democrats and Republicans no longer have a God given RIGHT to be on our ballot. We also took many elected offices and made them non partisan. F the 2 party system, they make a life out of Fing us, The People.

Dandy Tiger writes: Change I can believe in, vote out both corrupt, despicable, anti-democratic parties. I love it. That would be really great if Daggett wins. It would send a great message. And even better than the message, wouldn’t it be something if independents and third parties picked up an unprecedented seats in congress next year. I can dream anyway

Grayslady writes: Daggett sounds like a refreshing change.

annieB writes: What the country has needed for some time is another ’shot heard round the world.’ I think the The New Jersey Star-Ledger just fired that shot. Congratualtions NJ and I hope Daggett wins. Last I looked he was in third place in the polls. I hope this endorsement gives him the boost necessary to win.

I also hope this type of thing is contagious. I agree with the editorial board. The two parties in America today are just flip sides of the same corrupt coin. We need to send a strong message to every politician in America and especially in Congress. We will no longer put up with your crap and we will vote you out. That is what I did last November. I did not vote for any incumbent. It was my tiny revolution agianst what is going on in D.C.

AniEm writes: You know, I’m agonizing over this and felt the same way. But I’ve decided to vote for Daggett because both parties need to get a message from NJ constituents and I think support for Daggett is the best way to send that message.

Chay writes: People from all across America may donate to Daggett if the Independent message gets out. That would make it an shot from all of Americans who are tired of this two party system which is identical to each other.

Joanelle writes: I will be voting for Daggett and have mounted a campaign of my own to get folks out to vote for him and donate money to his campaign.

BostomBoomer writes: This is huge, RD! I hope the voters of NJ send a message loud and clear.

Jangles writes: I do not have much hope that either party has the capacity to learn anything. The Democrats over reached and dismissed one of the best Dem presidents we have ever had and went on to lose the congress. The Republicans took power and then over reached in their own way and lost the presidency and the congress. The Democrats are back in power and are over reaching once again and will probably lose some power. They are all about partisan advantage. They are not at all interested in working on solutions to national problems. They are corrupt in their thinking and their practices. We need a revolution.

Stephen Mather writes: To vote for the lesser of two evils is to vote for evil.

Over at Mcnorman’s blog mcnorman writes:

I think we are beginning to see real change in 2010. People are fed up with both parties.

Even at the republican blog GopUsaNJ the readers have engaged in a healthy debate about voting for Daggett

Justin writes:  What is Christie’s plan on taxes? can anyone define how he will actually bring down the debt in New Jersey…? Does he know that cutting taxes, will just increase more debt?

Chris Christie’s plan is a fairy tale

you don’t need endorsements to win when people already know your name. They need to know your agenda and how you want to change things.

I was a christie supporter, and then I saw the first debate…

Gene Baldassari writes:

Regardless of your ideology, we have a choice between guaranteed nothing due to a paralysis that locks us into a dying economy, or Daggett, who is independent enough and open minded enough to be persuaded to follow some of your “conservative” ideas.

From an ideological point of view, Cullen is my favorite among the twelve gubernatorial candidates. But NJ voters have not given him the attention that they have given Daggett with 17% in the last Fairleigh Dickenson poll.

So, here are your ONLY choices.

1. Sit back and do nothing. We will probably get Corzine again. Nothing gained if you choose this one.

2. Vote for Christie and reward the Republicans who have betrayed those of us who believe in fiscal responsibility and freedoms.


3. Vote for an independent who is now in the target range of pulling off an upset. Sure, it is a long shot. But, the other actions are no shot.

This is the first time in my lifetime that we have a chance to crack the monopoly of politicians who are destroying us. If we get a third party win, it will lead the way to candidates with ideologies that might reflect many of your “conservative” desires.

It is your choice.

What do you think about the news that The Star Ledger Endorses Chris Daggett? Have you blogged about it, told a friend or posted it on your MySpace or Facebook? What are your readers saying? Let us know.

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