Bloggers needed to spread the word: Ledger endorses Daggett‏

Bloggers Needed to Spread the Word

Chris Announcement

Newark, NJ October 11, 2009 – We’re very excited to announce that the Star Ledger, New Jersey’s largest newspaper, has formally announced their endorsement of Chris Daggett for Governor of New Jersey.


In the Star Ledger’s endorsement the case is made that NJ’s two-party political system is broken and the resulting corruption has brought scandal and plight upon the state. The newspaper points out that neither the Republican candidate Christie or the Democratic candidate John Corzine can bring about change in NJ. The endorsement also sends a strong signal to voters that a vote for an independent is not a wasted vote.

This is a great vote of confidence for what the Daggett campaign stands for and a clear acknowledgment of what Chris has said from the beginning of his campaign.  Both parties have created the serious mess that New Jersey is in and neither one of them will do what is necessary to solve our problems.

Now we have some very clear Daggett Action Items:

Help Spread the Word About the Star Ledger Endorsement

  • Please pass this along to everyone you know and show them the support that Chris Daggett has received.
  • Make sure that you go to the article and post positive comments in support of The Star Ledger endorsement.  Also, as you’ve been doing, look for other articles about the endorsement and voice your support there as well.
  • Remind people that the only wasted vote in this election is for the same old thing. There have been some rumors that a vote for Daggett is actually a vote for Corzine or Christie — that is not true. According to the last poll, Daggett is taking votes away equally from both parties. That means that Daggett is earning these votes himself — not swinging the support in any direction.
  • Please check out Not a Wasted Vote for more information.

Be sure to get your Chris Daggett Badges and Html Code to share here

How to Help: Let Everyone know by:

  • Sending an email
  • Sending an IM
  • Discussing with your friends and famil
  • Add a link on your myspace or facebook
  • Post it on your facebook wall or as a myspace bulleting
  • Blog about it
  • Sign up as a cyber volunteer at and get a list of news articles or blog posts you can comment on
    Volunteer for Daggett
  • Learn more ideas to help at 15 ways to help
  • Make a donation
    Contribute To Daggett

It is because of your support that the Chris Daggett campaign has made the strides it’s made.  And, with your continued support, we’re on the edge of great victory for all of us!

Click here to read the article on The Star Ledger’s website.


And as always:
Daggett for Governor

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  4. […] The endorsement comes on the tail of a unanimous majority of main stream media outlets agreeing Daggett won the NJ Governor Election Debate on October 1st. The endorsement is huge as New Jersey’s largest newspaper sends a loud clear message to voter’s, A vote for Daggett is not a wasted vote. […]

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