Bloggers talk about Daggett’s Impact

Christopher Daggett NJ Independent Candidate for Govenor
Every day the name Chris Daggett begins to show up on more and more blogs. Every day more and more blogs posts are dedicated entirely to the Daggett Campaign for Governor.  And with all off this attention that Chris Daggett has been getting lately it may come as a bit of a surprise that Daggett’s 10% share of the poll has came virtually entirely through viral and grassroots efforts.

Bloggers discuss Impact of Chris Daggett

Over on Ballot Box, John Goodman wrote:

A rule of American politics: The number of votes that third-party candidates receive usually reflects how much voters dislike the major-party candidates more than it reflects how much they actually like the third-party candidates.

He went on to write about Chris Daggett being the beneficiary of the bitter campaing being fought between Corzine and Christie and made a note of the bad press Christie was getting, highlighting the fact the Chrisite planned out his run for NJ governor under the guidance of Karl Rove years ago while Chrisite was still a Federal US Attorney.

Ballot Access dedicated a post to Chris Daggett about New Jersey Politicker, who considered the leading source of political news in New Jersey, and their choice of featuring Chris Daggett in its August 18 issue.

Chris Daggett made the home page of Green Jersey, a New Jersey environmental blog after receiving an endorsement form the main stream environmental group, the Sierra Club. Green Jersey is Green Jersey is an environmental news blog that’s based in, and all about, New Jersey. Its blogger-editor is Jennifer Weiss, a New Jersey-based journalist.

So how much of a buzz is Chris Daggett? Well let’s just put it this way, a recent casting call website made a characater reference to him on one of their audition notices.

Even pro-republican bloggers are starting to acknowledge the effects of Chris Daggett, as the Living Jersey Blog points out in its post “Where’s Christie’s Campaign“. While the blog does point out that disaffecting Democrats are going to put forward their votes for the third party candidate, it has nothing to do with Chrisite’s lack of a campaign. Any one with a few minutes of time can find out for themselves what Christie is all about.

What’s the only thing voter’s hate worse than corruption? Corruption with Hypocrasy says the Blue Jersey blog. That’s why defectors are going independent Living Jersey. The Blue Jersey blog also goes onto point out that most campaigns are binary; us verse them. But Chris Daggett has ties to both parties, has qualified for matching funds and has recently hired Bill Hillsman.

Bilia makes a great point about the Chris Christie’s campaign’s downward spiral and how its is helping Daggett become a force to be reckon with in the upcoming election.  The post also nicely lays out the details of the downward spiral Chris Christie has embarked upon. I was just shocked that writer was so surprised about finding out about Christie’s behavior.

And finally, I can not forget about the Spammers. Apparently they have even started to pick up on the Daggett Campaign which can only mean that Daggett is bringing in some good paying Google AdSense keywords.

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