Daggett Bashes Christe and Corzine for Illegal Campaign Finance

Daggett bashes special interest donations

According to Bloomberg news,  almost all New Jersey voters say corruption is a serious problem in the state, and more people associate Democrats with political bribery than they do Republicans, a Quinnipiac University poll released today found.

But on the heals of this news is an announcement by Chris Daggett, independent candidate for Governor, on Wednesday that criticized politicians in both parties for continuing to benefit from enormous donations from special interest groups even as they tout plans to crack down on political corruption. Chris Dagget bashed both John Corzine and Christ Christie and revealed that the Republican Governors Association has funneled nearly $3 million dollars illegally into Chris Christie’s campaign while the Democratic party is guilty of the same funneling $2 million dollars into the Corzine campaign.

daggett072309_optIts ironic that the the GOP gubernatorial nominee unveils a plan to impose stricter campaign finance rules, yet he is blatantly engaging in criminal activity by using the GOP governors association to funnel campaign funds into his campaign off the books to by pass the states’ campaign finance laws.

“These organizations , the so-called 527 groups, are allowed to accept donations of any size, thereby skirting the state’s contribution limits, providing a huge back-door for evasion of campaign rules,” Daggett said.

Among special interest groups making large donations to the associations were the National Rifle Association and the National Education Association, who’s funds are used to spread vicious lies and fear mongering about the other¬† candidate in what has to be some of the most shameful campaigning that has ever been seen.

These sights have headlines that only people of lesser intelligence could believe, such as “Corzine to old people: I want you dead so we don’t have to pay for your medicare” or “Christie to Voters: Drop Dead”

“It’s just another example of our broken political system and how both parties sidestep campaign finance limits to retain their hold on power. The biggest corruption problem in New Jersey is the corruption of public service practiced under the cover of law–the pension-padding, multiple office-holding and sweetheart deals with special interest groups.”

Only an independent Governor who is not tied to special interests nor worried about whether his or her party will win or lose seats in the next election can clean up the mess in Trenton, Daggett said.

It one lends one to ask, how can either of these candidates or the parties they represent get NJ back on the right track when they engage in such unethical and illegal practices?


The Star Ledger Endorses Chris Daggett

The star ledger’s endorsement of Chris Daggett is great news. I wish the republicans would stop the Bush/Rove Fear mongering. There is obviously a consensus that a vote for Daggett is not a vote for Corzine.

Daggett is a viable candidate and there are many of this who are voting for him because we know he can win and is the only candidate who can change this state. The Star Ledger’s endorsement echoes and re-affirms that opinion.

We need people to get involved and spread the word about Chris Daggett.

Learn 15 ways to help and get started now. Even if your not from NJ you can still cyber volunteer.

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  1. […] I totally understand that Jon Corzine needs to go and Dagget has bashed both candidates about illegal campaing finance. but people need to wake up and realize that a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for […]

  2. […] about how to fight corruption. He said the best way is to Lead by example and pointed out that both Christie and Corzine are engaging in illegal campaign financing and pay to play. It was so bad that neither Christie or Corzine could defend their actions. Instead […]

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