Daggett’s Choice of Espisito Gets National Attention

Earlier today Chris Daggett Choose Frank Esposito as his running mate for the 2009 NJ Gubernatorial Election. The 2:00pm announcement in Trenton today picked up regional and then Nation Media attention.

The announcement picked up the #1 result from Google for the search term Gubernatorial Race and was followed by a an Associate Press release which made its way around the blog-o-sphere.

Daggett's announcment of Lt Gov Nominee ranks #1 in Google.

Daggett's announcement of Lt Gov Nominee ranks #1 in Google.

The real news here is the healthy debate that the announcement has sparked.  Some sites started off with the the typical “not another independent wasting our time and money” argument. But the voter’s of NJ soon began to let their anger known with a majority of commenters expressing opinions that they are elated by the new that there is a real alternative to Christie and Corzine, who many view as the same old “lesser of two evils”.As the news made its way around the web an overwhelming consensus began to form.  NJ voter’s are fed up with the corruption and politics as usual that plaques our state and for the first time they are seriously considering the voting for the independent alternative, Chris Daggett.

Daggett’s announcement took the third spot on the Asbury Park Press website where Frank Esposito told reporters:

“My entire career has been devoted to education in New Jersey,” Esposito said. “And the only way New Jersey is going to get out of this economic mess and get back on the track to economic prosperity is to reinvest in education and higher education.”

Daggett began his Statehouse news conference with extended remarks on last week’s corruption arrests, making the argument that only an independent governor could change the state government’s direction.  Apparently the readers agreed as JRZ2VA wrote:

Looks like NJ may have a future after all.

westendgrl wrote:
Ooh, going to check him out! Hope he has more to offer than the other two!!
appalled wrote:

You have that right. Am going to do the same. He has to be better then the village idiot  (John Corzine) and the king of pay to play(Chris Christie)

The discussion over at Politicker NJ followed the same tone, except this conversation started off some one bashing Dagget for taking a stand against the corrupt political establishment in NJ.

EmptyF wrote:

The reception this weekend at the Readington Balloon Festival, was truely magical. The Daggett Booth was buzzing. People went out of their way to come by and tell us how pissed off they were with BOTH PARTIES! I wish I had a quarter for how many times people said, “FINALLY, there is a REAL CHOICE”. I didn’t know that there were so many independently minded people in New Jersey. We are surely gaining MAJOR MOMENTUM.    Watch out Blues and Reds. The Independent Train is rolling.

Union County Independent wrote:

GoredNJ, I’m sure, does not have a positive opinion of the pervasive corruption in New Jersey politics that has recently been highlighted by the national media thanks to several NJ officials being arrested by the feds for taking bribes…

An independent is just what New Jersey needs, if you ask me. I’ll be voting for Chris Daggett and Frank Esposito this November.

Daggett’s message is clearly resonating strong among the voters in NJ, but can Daggett pull of a Cinderella story?  But Daggett supporter’s point out that the latest poll showed that only 8% of voters are familiar with Daggett, but what is really astonishing is that the 8% who know who he is plan on voting for him in November.

But the question still remains, with less than 100 days left in the election can Daggett pull it off? Let me us know what you think. Post a comment.


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